Where to get Epsom Salt ?

We cant all fly to germany to see Wolfhardt but it would be nice.
R you kidding me? A fricken bath is …Free!
Last time i checked that works for me.
works for some does not mean all. Remember the individual? no one can comment about what someone else is doing really because their are countless variables at play. What did you eat, how intense was the training and what is your training age in years?
I am sure this guy is like some of the gifted few who can treat others like magic. No question there are some who have this skill. ( very few for sure) But i am not confident that most adhere in a way to the tools for proper regeneration that will give the results I have had over many years and seen with the very best athletes in the world. Like this guy said dont reinvent the wheel.

I did foam roller,stretch then had a shower to clean up (2-3 mins?) and let that water run in the bath then topped it off with cold only to just above thigh level and sat in it for 20 minutes. While I haven’t been out long and the next few days will really tell it feels good and refreshing. Possibly didn’t have enough ES so next time will put in 500g.

Sady, feels like mauled by a bull? :eek:

My situation is different to most, to give an idea the photo is for real, I have had a few scratches and bruises in my day. Now that I am old I sometimes get a cramp on one sidefrom my shoulder to my butt, it has lasted for 6 days, DW and his method is the only alternative I have left, I definately would not do it if it wasn’t.

As a coach I used the more conventional methods of recovery but never thought to use ES, in hindsight it is a brillant idea. If I had used it for recovery the water would be cool in summer and warm in winter.

In hindsight I should have looked and not replied to the post.

I thought all KIWI’s were bushies, wrong again. It is an experience you can do without.:slight_smile:

I love your avitar!
The philosophy I was trying to articulate was we do the best we can.
Ben stopped by the day before last to see Charlie and he was not here.
It was a fun morning and Ben was telling me things that he has never shared with me before after knowing him for 20 years.
He told me he used to come to our house ( as we live in the Charlie’s family home) with Desia, Ray Daly ( spelling?) and not sure who else and Charlie would give them all massages on the carpet!
I said no table ( the princess that I am) and I know he didnt have a table because we bought our first table against my wanting to spend a thousand dollars in 1991 that we didnt have! I was very angry about this but CHarlie said it would be a good thing and it changed everthing for us at that moment for the better.
Sady sounds like you are doing well seeking out something that works for you!

I did massages on the ground for about 6 months before I found a portable table on Craigslist for $100.

I needed a rubdown after doing work on the floor!

I love to hear stories like this.

well there you go and I expected with you being an Aussie you’d have thought all NZers were sheep shaggers :eek: :rolleyes:

Certainly my experience with a cooler temperature was a lot more positive. Did a really good tempo session and felt fine, energy levels good and ROM on stretches were better than usual. Was it the cool 20 min bath, the salts or a combination? Don’t know or really care, just know it worked. :cool:

We don’t all play underarm cricket either.

So you can do it with cool water! Thank god, it was 40 degrees (celsius, of course) in sydney yesterday and I couldn’t bring myself to even think about a hot bath. Good thread guys

I think when you are dealing with that kind of temperature ( in excess of 30 degrees or very high humid conditions ) you need to keep the body cool.
In most places in Canada there are not too many places that have the kind of heat I experienced in Australia.
Our summers in Toronto ( with the exception of this past one;( ) it typically can get very hot and when we finished speed sessions or extensive tempo a rinse in warm to get clean but then the colder the better to get the body temperature back to normal as soon as possible so the energy is spent bouncing back for the next days training or maybe the next session later that day.
Does anyone who lives close to the ocean take advantage of it the way Charlie used to encourage people to do? Just curious

How did he encourage people to? I live by the beach and the water is COLD, I use it occasionally but not regularly.

The track where I train is right near the beach, I plan on taking advantage of it now that I’m on holidays from uni!

I don’t suppose there’s a protocol for going to the beach…? I do find being out there too long in the heat ‘cooks’ you a bit and can be detrimental to the next day though, but i spose that’s just a judgement call. As long as you don’t get sunburnt it’s all good!

Who said you blokes were tough, it’s only freegin water. You don’t have to have ice baths.:cool:

as a comparison a few years ago on holiday I swam in Queensland in the middle of winter and it was waay warmer than here in summer.

NZ surfing guide for Dunedin
Be aware of the water temperature, spring suits in summer are a luxury and most people use summer steamers,

Just a comment on water temp. should be warm but not hot enough to cause sweating

as a follow up I have done this quite a few times since, each time following on a HI day (speed & weights) and have found it to work really well. :cool:

How do you define working well? Curious what you have experienced

I find them much better than using hot water due to firstly not having the slimey clamminess of the hot versions and less residual muscular fatigue and tightness the next day.

For now, I get mine from CVS. Actually, I just got some a day ago; it was buy one get one free! As far as ES, I have been using it for years and it works. However, (and I learn something new everyday) I have never saturated the water with ES like Ms Coon said so I’m excited the next time around when I use A LOT more salt.

As far as my personal reaction to ES, when I’m in the tub for about 20 min I know it’s starting to work because my thoughts start to drift. Then, when I get out of the tub, I feel tired and I just want to fall asleep due to a strong feeling of utter relaxation. Usually, that night, I sleep like a baby which is a similar reaction I have when I take ZMA the night before.

It’s just terrible that everyday people don’t use ES, they rather take a prescription drug like Ambien to help them sleep.

Superstore, Extra Foods in the Pharmacy section