Chris6878's journal.

Cause I hate 300s Im sure I could have ran faster but It didnt happen. Next time My plan is to run the first 200 and hold on.

That’s my point, if you hate 300’s that much and can’t go faster then you should bump down to 250’s or do intensive tempo. What you are doing now isn’t special endurance but more intensive tempo, if the plan was to do special endurance I would have done 3-4 weeks of intensive tempo in GPP to prep for the special endurance

That is my plan. Im gonna run the 300’s like it is a 200 or 250. I will keep going to the tree just to push my partner but my times will be at the 250 and 200.

Decent track work out
4x30 stand
4x30 block
2x2x20m efe, fef
MEd ball super man x5
Overhead x5
sand pit jumps x3 jumpin out da pit it 3 jumps.

weight room. I felt like I had a lil bit of energy but not much.
pclean 5,5,4,2.5 155,175,195,230. last set I was killin it until the last rep. got the weight up but I couldnt get up under it.
Dead 2x5 315
I was done after the pcleans energy gone and hunger setting in.
oh after my last set of pcleans fuckin tony dee’s decides to come take my shine and rep out bent over rows with 230. Damn Ogre. lol

2x30 stand
6x10, 4x20 bstarts
4x60, 30m maintain
med ball
overhead 4
squat 4
singlr hop 4

weight room
p clean. 4x4 185,185, 225x1, 185,185
I wanted to do 225x4 for 2 sets but I didnt have it today. I did it once then died out. had to drop back to 185
dead,-4,4,3,3 315,315,365,365
squat4,3,3 315,315,365
stif dead-3x8 135,185,185

I was done after the cleans.

How do you like doing squats, deadlift, and str deadlifts in the same session?

Not bad. It hurts at first but I have gotten used to it. I thought I would be fried after doing it but I havent been

Tempo 12x100
bp- 4x4 185,205,225,235
Pulls, rows 10,8,8,6

2x250 31,35
highs knees with weights 2x45 sec
weight room
pclean-4x4 185,185,205,225
squats 4,3,3 315,385,405
good morning-3x8 135.155.175
push press-3x6 135

10/14 tempo
inclin-4x4 185,185,205,215
should press
pull down

6x10,4x20 bs
3x60m curves. The plan was to run 60 30fast 30 easy on the straight but the track was full of people.
med ball
sup man, overhead x8 and sand pit jumps

weight room
pclean 4x4 185,185,205,225 only 2 reps
dead-4,4,3 315,315,365
squat 4,3,3 315 365 365

4x10 4x20 4x30 bstarts
2x2x60 30maintain
med ball throws

pclean-4,4,3,3 185 185 205 225
squat 4,3,3 315,365,385
deads-4,4,3 315,315,315
stiff dead 3x6x225

Spec end
2x300 1st one the stopwatch fucked up
on the second I ran a blazing 100 and had to stop due to both of my Achilles killing me.

2x45 sec weighted highknees on grass

weight room. I had a great day in here
pcleab 4,4,3,3 185,185,205,225, 250x1 I did one more set just to see since I was feeling it.
squat 3x3 315 405 405
good morning 3x6 135,185,225
push press 3x6 135

I bet that 250 was ugly if you didn’t have bumper plates.

Yea I threw that shit down. I didnt get it as clean as I wanted but I will next time

weight room
bp-4,4,3,3 185 205 225 240
pull down 8,8,7,7
row 8,8,7,7
push ups 4x30 inbetweedn sets

Are you still in GPP?

naw im in the spp now

How many days per week are you training?

3 for speed and 2 tempo

Had a speed day set up but the rain killed it.
Warmed up-then rain
went to the weight room and did pcleans-4,4,3,3,2 185,205,225,230,235
it got sunny so we then tried to run. That didnt work. The cleans killed me.
we did MEd ball overheads-18 and it rained again. I just said screw it and went home

doing a recovery week. gonna hit the track hard twice this week with lower volume
3x30 30,40,50 b starts
weight rooom
pclean-3,3,2 205,215,235
squat 3,3,2-365,365,385
dead-3,3 365,385
stiff- 3x6x225

tempo 10x200
incline 3,3,2 205,205,215
pull down and rows 3x8