Chris6878's journal.

3x30 bs
weight room
pclean 3,3,2 185,205,225x1 i had to leave I wasnt feeling good at all. very tired

10x200 tempo
bench 3,3,2 225,225,245
pull down and rows 3x8

weight room
bench 3,3,2 225,235,245
pull down
arnold press
row 3x8

3x200 2x100

speed day
2x10 2x20 2x30 2x40 bstarts
i felt good. fastest 30 was 4.00 fastest 40 was 4.80. The track we ran on is super soft so we never get super fast times. I am pleased with the times.

3x60 fef 20m

weight room.
I felt extra stiff in the weight room. Body was hurtin
pclean 4x3 185 185 205 205
squat- 3x4 315 315 315
good morning 3x8 135 185 185

HT or Electronic?

Hand of course. We are struggling athletes. OUr times on that track have always been slow compared to the other track we use. that 4.00 30 would have been a 3.8 on the other track.

HT 4.00 thats not good, let’s gooo!!!

Dont worry like I said that track is very slow. When it rains the track gets soggy. that is good for training only. I have ran a few 3.7s and 3.8s this year on the other track.

How much time do you add to your HT’s?

We time of the person saying go. Not when we move. So if you calling it. as soon as u say go you start the clock

I would still add .3…

I call my timing acuhand. I have noticed that other people claim to run 6.5’s at practice and get with me at my partner and run 6.9-7.1. lol So I take timing with a grain of salt. Just as long as i continue to improve from that time I am happy. The year I ran 10.3 my 30’s were not super amazing. My fastest 60 is 6.89 auto and that year I ran 10.4. My partner only ran 6.8 at practice last year and ran 10.48 auto. So just as long as you improve thats all that matters. The adrenaline of a meet well give you that extra burst.

LOL, hope it workout for you this year.

abs in between

weight room
incline-3,3,3,2,2 185,185,205,205,215
pull down

You must be taking it easy on the incline, my last set of 4 on the incline is 245ish…

My shoulder been killin me lately. Im scared to go heavy without a spot

If your shoulder is hurting why triples and doubles and why incline which is harder on the shoulder?

Didnt know that it would aggravate my shoulder until I was doing them. It stopped hurting as much during the last set.

speed end
2 split runs of 150,100 first set no time
second set 16.9 and 11.8 decent time nothing special. 90 sec rest between runs. shit hurt.

hang clean 3,3,3,3 185
deads 3x4 330,385,405

11/4 tempo
weight room
bp 4x3 225
pull down

2x10 2x20 2x30 bstarts.
2x2 60m 20maintain
felt stiff today. Had a good resistance day from all the wind
med ball-5 over head 5squat.
legs were beat up. body sore
pclean 3,3,2,2 185,205,225,225
squat 3x4 315,385,385.
good mor 3x8x185

I thought I was gonna die on the 385 squat. I had now elasticity or power in my legs today. I just struggle through this workout.

11/9 tempo
incline 3x3x3x2x2 185 185 205 205 225
pull down

spec end
2x150/100 split runs 2x1min high knees with weights
weight room
hang clean-3x3x2x2 185
too tired for anything else went home

weight room
bp 3,3,3,2,2 185 205 225 225 225
pull down
steam room

speed day
2x20,30,40 bs
3x40m 20main
med ball overhear x8 superman x8 pit jumps
weight room-
pclean-3x3x2x2 185 205 225 225
Had to leave early.

weight room
pull down arnod press row
heat room.

speed day
2x20,30,40 bs
3x40m 20 maintain
medball-overhead, squat, single hop x5
weight room
felt pretty good today-pclean 3,3,2,2 205,205,225,225
squat-3x4 315,335,375
stiff dead 3x6x225

When is your first meet?