Asafa Interview and MVP Training Clips

Excellent find.

Such an organic feel surrounding the training environment illustrated in this feature and others I’ve seen from the Jamaicans.

Truly enjoyable to watch.

Anyone catch Asafa running what looked like 30’s and had to dodge 2 or 3 sleds in the grass? haha

Seriously, anyone know how their workouts are organized? Does Franno have group doing same workout? Numbers look large, although not as large as once reported somewhere on this forum.

Those who have SPP download saw how Charlie modified Ben’s SPP throughout the years and how GPP plays a role.

I seen this vid a couple months ago but I can’t remember where.

There’s another vid where franno talks about splitting the club into different groups by level, it may be an article interview. His gpp is detailed on this forum. There are other interviews of Asafa where he talks about starting with longer runs, upto 600, and they work down to shorter faster and more recovery. According to those who have seen comp phase workouts they still keep low int tempo10x200 example, in the comp phase.

I swear, I wish straight out of HS I went to train with the Jamaicans.

Well they have over 80 athletes, I bet you could if you really wanted to…even if only for a few months.