Chris6878's journal.

Guess i need to start one. I usually just remember what i did in my head , but i guess it is good to see progression written down.

Mon 7/28/03
warm up
2 x 50 meter strides
2 x 30 meter relaxed starts
2 X 30 meter runs for time no blocks. 3.94 and 3.95
2 x 30 meter blocks ( had no one to time me)
1 X 40 meters. wanted to also do a 50 but the blocks kept moving.
1 X 120 in 12.75 felt good but i think i could use more knee lift

Plyo’s 2 sets of broad jumps into sand pit. 3 jumps per set.
8 40 inch box jumps

weight room
dead lift= 5X 225, 4X275, 3X315, 2X365, 1X405 ( should not have done last set)
Push press=8X95, 6X115, 4X135
Stiff leg deads 6X95, 5x135, 4X155
Arnold press 3sets of 6 reps with 55 pounds
reverse leg press 3 sets of 190 X6 on each leg
sit ups cool down and stretch.

Tuesday 7/29 rest

wed 7/30
warm up
2X 50 strides
3x 30 relaxed starts
4 x 30 blocks in 3.88, 4.03, 3.87, 3.86
1st 30 i stumbled out of blocks, 2nd 30 took only 2 mins rest ( bad move) 3rd felt good, 4th felt better
2 X 150 meter 15.8 and 16.4. I think i could have ran faster than that but the burger king i had started to get me.
wanted to do plyos and go to weight room but i was tired as hell. cooled down did situps and went home.

did nothing still sore from previous workout. will make it up this sat.

Nice workouts! :slight_smile:

Do you perform tempo work?


yes i usually do my tempo on thur and sat, and tues but i have been sore as hell . I will make it up this sat and sunday

Today i felt good but ran ok. Right hammie was kinda tight.
warm up
2X50 strides
2X30 relaxed starts
3 X 20 meter flys with 30 meter run up, in 2.04, 2.10, 1.98 timed from cone to cone of the 20 meters
2 X 30 from blocks. not nearly as fast as wed. ran 4.6 (very slow) first one then 4.02 second. (Need to have sex)
2X 60 ran good times can run faster. 6.58 and 6.60.
plyos= sand pit broad jumps and hurdle hops.
WEight room
squat=185x6 225x5 275x4 315x2
hang clean= 115x4 135x3 135x3
Snatch= 95x3 115x3 135x2
p clean= 155x3, 155x3 was tired in the weight room.

today’s workout was wacked out.
Warmed up
2x 50 strides
1x 20 out of blocks for fun. ran 1.43
after that the workout got crazy.
I ran 2X30 out of blocks. the first one was 4.01 horrible
the next one was a PB 3.68. Dont know were that came from. I got a OUTRAGEOUS START!!!
Then i went to @X60 out of blocks. Bot of these were bad. I ran 7.1 and 7.01 bad. My PB this season is 6.58. dont know waht was going on.
Did plyo’s

Weight room
Not a good time in weight room either.
Deadlift = 6X225, 5X275, 3X315, 2X365. struggled on last set. I usually throw this up with relative ease
Push Press= 8X95, 6x115, 4X135
Stiff leg dead= 8X95, 6x135 ,4x150
tried to do arnold presses with 60 pounds but i was too weak. after that i new it was time to go. did situps and le

Man i think i need to chill for a few days. i did nothing on tuesday cause i was tired and sore as hell.
Today i idid
warmup 2x50 meter strides 3x30 meter strides
My hamy was sore as hell but i didnt stop i ran anyways.
Ran 2 sets of 20 meter flys with 30 run up. 2.1 and 2.0.
then did my 30 meters out of blocks. x 2. bad times first one was 4.03, then the next one was 3.98. bad. didnt feel loose neck hurt, shoulders were tight and ham was tight. i called it quits.
gonna take a few days off and chill with my girl be back next week.

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t do tempo, keeping the focus on really light, if your sore. It should help.
What’s your 100 PB? You sound pretty damn fast.

My pb is 10.43. I ran that about 2 summers ago. im trying to get back down to it. I do do tempo work i have just been tied up with work and other appointments. I admit i have neglected my tempo work the last 2 weeks. I will defintly make sure i get some in this week. thx for the feedback.

How do you space your workouts typically? Do you get 2 good speed/weight sessions in a week? I am trying to fine tune my volume and frequency of workouts. That is by far the hardest thing for me to nail down. Could you show me your typical weekly plan?

thanks man!

Chris6878, where are you located, how old are you, did you run in college? I just like to get a little more background on everyone whose workouts and performances interest me. Thanks

Im 25, I from and live in FLa. I ran For florida A&M University in tallahassee.

Originally posted by chris30
[b]How do you space your workouts typically? Do you get 2 good speed/weight sessions in a week? I am trying to fine tune my volume and frequency of workouts. That is by far the hardest thing for me to nail down. Could you show me your typical weekly plan?

thanks man!
Chris [/b]

Mon Speed and weights up to 300 meters worth of speed. I also do some plyos
Tues Tempo 1000-2000 meters on grass

Wed SE/ weights few sets of blocks then 150-300 meters plyos

thur tempo 1000- 2000 m

Fri speed/Weights try to do some flys, Block work and plyos

Sat tempo if i feel up to it.

I might change this schedule later on but this is what i try to do now

Cool good stuff!

Two quality workouts a week with tempo after them. That is where I have been thinking of going.

Working 60 hours a week, 6-7 hours sleep a night plus all the other stresses make working out 6 days a week almost impossible for me.

I am going to post my GPP in my journal, thoughts appreciated! :slight_smile:
Thanks again,

chris, im posing this question to many on here. are you doing your workouts in spikes or flats, if it fluctuates, which are you doing in spikes and which in flats? I have been doing everything in flats except for one day i decided to put them on for 2x300 just to see where i was in my training. gpp i don’t usually use spikes because i am not focusing on obtaining speed as much as overall strength endurance. This is why i wait until december before any raw speed is done, ie 30’s, 40’s, 50’s. I usually just do strength endurance and special endurance, with a little bit of speed endurance, but even then i don’t go under 150 meters. This year the emphasis is on special endurance even more because of my bad 300 meter times. Let me know what you think. Sorry for flooding your journal with my thoughts. Anyone else, what do you think? If you want to reply, go to dazs journal, thanks.

monday 8/11
Today was alright felt loose except for my right hammie. As i was sprinting i felt to relax especially coming out of the blocks.
2 X50 meter strides
3x 30 relaxed starts
1X25 out of blks 3.0 ( wanted to run a 30 but had the cone in the wrong place)
3X 30 in 4.0 3.91 4.12, Bad
2X60 in 6.92 6.94 bad
did some plyo’s went home. I need to work on my form and ankle flex

What kind of workout do you do on days where you want to work on speed endurance?

Speed endurance would be 60-120meters.
My workout would be 1X60 with blocks, 1X80 with blocks 1X100with blocks and 120 with or without blocks. all with full recovery.
YOu can also 2x120 and 2x60 or 2X100 and 2x80 or whatever but the speed endurance is hit up to 120meters sprints maintained for 6 seconds is considered speed endurance anything less is maximum speed. I try to stay around 260-360 meters per speed workout.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I had a personal best day. I was rolling today.
warm up 50 meter strides 2 3o relaxed starts.
My right hammy has been feeling funny for the last fewdays.
Todays work out was speed endurance. All out of blocks.
I ran 1x30. I stumbled coming out of the blocks and still dropped a 3.72
then i had 1 x 60 I ran that in 6.67 damn i felt good.
Then i ran a 1 x 80. That was a 8.53 oh yea!!!
Then i ran the 100. I was really felling it on this one. I dropped a 10.67. That is a pb at practice.

WEight room
Deadlift 6x225 5x275 4x315 3x365 2x385
2x8 of push press
3x6 stiff leg dead
3x8 arnold press 55 poundsd
3x6 reverse leg.

since my pb day i have been unable to practice.
tues got a deep tissue massage
wed rain
thur rain
fri- I felt like shit. my legs were heavy as hell and tight. I ran 2x30 and stopped. I decided to just do some tempo work so i did 10 x100 on grass.