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Speed city Track club

Nice image Jay.

The level of talent in that group is ridiculous :cool:

Women’s 100m Final at the Mobil Championships 2010. Sorry don’t know how to make the pics bigger.

Wow! I have never seen shoulder development like that on a sprinter other then Ben.

Lindord Christie, Shawn Crawford, Dwain Chambers, Leonard Scott were all pretty ripped. Mo Greene and Michael Johnson weren’t exactly pixies either.

Though he was not at this level (he did go 10.01) check out Jason Smoots.

Smoots was HUGE!

If we’re mentioning those who weren’t at the highest level, check out Michael Ray Garvin:

Brianna Glen

Brittany Reese

Debbie Dunn 400m winner 2010 US Champs

Dix wins the 100

Dix in the deuce

Ivory Williams