Chris6878's journal.

Lil sore from all the leg work from day before
bench 5,5,4,4 185,185,225,225
pull down, shoulder press, rows.

It feels good to split the weights up. less time in da weight room

I did some light runs today. Just to loosen up for the next sprint day
2x100 runs with med ball throws
1x300 nice and easy

Had a good workout
4x20 push up
4x20 Standing
2x4x20 easy fast easy, fast easy fast
1x50 fast 20 maintain 30
med ball
5x superman, 5x overhead, 3 sets of sandpit jumps. I jumped out the pit in 3 jumps. usually takes me a month before I can do that.

pclean 4x5 135,185,185,205
squat 5,5,4,4 275,315,365,385
good mornings
push press 3 sets

Just hit the weights and the hot tub. I did some contrasting between the hot tub and the pool

Incline 5,5,4,4 185,185,205,205
pull down-10,10,8,8
seat row

9/25 Started feelin cold symptoms the day before, but I decided to try to get my workout in.
2x4x60m first set 7.1,6.97,6.91,6.93. Felt bad on each rep. took 6 minutes in-between and couldn’t recover.
second set got worse-7.3,7.2,7.4,7.6 struggled through all of them. Cold was killin my recovery. I decided to forgo the rest of the workout.
After the workout I discovered that we had done the workout wrong. we did all out 60’s instead of 30m hard 30m maintain. Last time I listen to my partner about a workout.

what was the intended work out 4x4x60?

It was 2x4x60 but we were supposed to to hard 30m and maintain 30m. We just went all out on each.

Are you in SPP already?

naw its the last week of the 7 week gpp.

4xpush up 20m
4x standing 30m
4x20m efe
4x20 fef
Felt good
weight room
Pclean 5,5,4,4 135,135,185,185
squat-5,5,4,4 295,315,365,365
on the last set of 365 i did like 8 reps. I got a little hype. I could have done about 12-15 but I didnt want to push it.
good mornings-3x10,135

weight room
pull down, row, shoulder press.

Speed day. I felt sore with a lot of little dings in my body at the start of practice then after a while I loosened up and felt great.

2x4x60-30m hard,30m maintain. At first my partner was giving me da business then by the 3rd rep I started rolling. The tides had turned.

Med ball- supermans 5 reps
overhead-5 reps
single hop 5

Didnt hit the weights I was too hungry and running on fumes.

tempo and weights. 8x200
pull d
shoulder press

Speed day
felt good during workout. Left it on the track so My weight workout was subpar

2x30m stand
4x 40m 20f 20 easy
4x50 30f 20 easy
4x60 40f 20 easy
Med ball throws-I was burnt out. 8x overhead 5xsquat
Started having hungar pains. while on da track. Had to get a bcaa and carb drink to hit the weights

pclean 4x5x155 was struggling
deads 3x5,5,3 275 315 355
squat 5,5,4,4 275,315,315…couldnt finish
stiff deads 3x10x135

How can you squat 385 for 6+reps but struggle with 155 on the pc??

I did the cleasns right after my track session. Didnt have time to rest for 30 mins and then weights. i was just still tired yesterday. I have cleaned about 225 this year so far. I am guessin my max is around 250 for cleans right now but I have to be fresh. Pluss I obly clean heavy when I am at the school gym with the rubber weights. So that I can drop them. At the “fitness center” The bars fuck up my wrist and I cant drop the weights.

Tell me about it, I don’t have bumper plates either. :slight_smile:

lol boy I get so happy when I can get in the school gym that we train at sometimes. They dont care about us dropping the weight but those damn family fitness centers. "please sir you are disturbing the others with your grunting and weight dropping, You are scarying the old ladies with all the weight you are throwing around in the gym. " lol

abs and stretch
weight room-bench-5,5,4,4 205,205,225,225
pull down
seat row 10,8,8,6

Spec end. Dam I hate these days
2x300 42 adn 44 15 min break
My partner went out like supa man today. 37 and 42.
He can have that shit.
We also did 2 30m a skips.

Weight room
Had a great workout.
pclean-5,5,4,4 155,175,205,225x3 wanted 4 couldnt do it. THis is for RB34! And I did em with the grabage bar in da fitness center lol.
Squat-4x4 315 365 385 385
push press 3x6x135
good morn 2x10x135

Why did you die so much on the 300’s, I was doing 3x300 with 5mins rest @ 42-45sec this summer as tempo work.