5-3-1 template

1 rep at 85% is easy.

Im like the rest of you guys. It is a good template for strength but I dont like the 1 rep in your lifting program. Granted it can be between 85-90% but still not a real huge fan of it.

James has success with the program but it is mod like the example I provided above.

You should actually never do a single rep set and actual % are

Week 1

58.5 x 5, 67.5 x 5, 76.5 x max

Week 2
63 x 3, 72 x 3, 81 x max

Week 3
67.5 x 5, 76.5 x 3, 85.5 x max

Week 4
36 x 5, 45 x 5, 54 x5

Still need to make changes, take James advice. 5 reps at 85.5% can cause problems in spp so reduce by 10%.

I have done this program. I say you MUST do a 6 week or so hypertrophy phase prior to it.

I set up my summer program like this: 4 weeks 4x10, 4 weeks 4x6, 4 weeks of 3x5 3x3 5-3-1… This is like the volume/intensity X shaped graph.

In my findings, 5-3-1 converts the strength you developed from previous weeks into maximal strength.

A coach of mine told me a cool story. It didn’t directly relate to strength or anything but it went like this: A bamboo tree takes 6 months to grow to a full height of 100 feet. In the first 5 months it grows a mere 10 feet. Then in the next 30 days it grows an astonsihing 90 feet. He said, do you think the tree was able to grow that last 90 feet because of something that happened in those 30 days or was in more in part to to the 150 days of root strength, and nourishment?

Hopefully you can see the connection. Hard work in the offseason so to speak is only revealed when the intensity increases. This is also partially taken from the CFTS

What is James’ advice regarding 5/3/1? I’m assuming this was conducted in Summer I with testing before Summer II and a transition into alactic capacity with strength maint. from there on?

Everything I have been posting.

Block 1:
wk1- 80xmax reps
wk2- 85xmax reps
wk3- 90xmax reps
deload- 70%

All %'s are based off 90% of last 1rm.

Just one set after a buildup or the typical program with the listed numbers as the top set?

the 80% day looks like this:

80%x5 or repetition max

Ok, close to the way we did APRE 6RM.

From everything I’ve seen,5/3/1 is eerily similar (basically identical) to BFS which was apparently based on Stefan Fernholm’s training from what I have heard.

I’m sure you guys remember James saying this:

The squat never went above 80% during the second intensification block. I typically cycle it from 60-80 or 65-75 over three week intervals during the second intensification.

Otherwise we typically stay between 60-70% on the squat throughout the rest of the training year

What do you think about the bfs setXrep setup?

3x3, 5x5, 5-4-3-2-1, and 10-8-6 (or 4-4-2 for the power clean and Hex bar deadlift)

I’ve only loosely used the template in times past and loosely is an understatement.

It was only used on the bench press, as I do not have my guys press overhead and we only perform RDLs twice a year and not heavy; and I no longer use percentages for the squat (I prescribe volume and the weight is up to my guys)

One of the myriad of Charlie’s teachings that I firmly adhere to is that weights, specifically general weights in my case, always follow speed.

Thus I do not prioritize general weight training; particularly because its so damn easy to develop in relation to speed, movement skill, specialized ability and neurophysiological adaptations in the form of improved speed of processing visually received information and responding to it rapidly with high coordination.

I really can’t emphasize how easy it is to develop general strength to sufficient enough levels for athletes.

I don’t mean to insult anyone by making this statement; its simply the reality of my experience in working with my athletes; irrespective of here at the university, high school level, and earlier.

Wow, you finally drop the %'s for the squat. Do you remember me asking you about that last summer? I hate %'s esp with athletes.

We are not weightlifters who only lift weights. If you were you could look at how you did last workout and adjust but instead we have other competing stressors like running, conditioning, games etc and you don’t know what they do.

If you were to talk to westside you’d realize they do it all by feel as well. there is no formula!

James, what volume/rep ranges do you prefer to work in at this time of the year? I’m assuming alactic power for the next 4-5 weeks.

Anyone wanting the full 5/3/1 ebook manual, I will email it to you if you leave me your email address. No worries.

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