Sprinting, Weightlifting, and Recovery

I was quite sure if I should have posted this in the sprints, recovery, or strength training section so I posted it here….

I am in my gpp phase of training and my main goal is to add more speed, power, and strength.
So on mon, wed, and fri I perform my high intensity training…I perform speed training 10-30 meters and I perform weightlifting exercises later that day…So I was wondering is it best for me to do both high intensity exercises on the same day so my body will have time to recover?..And at this point I’m not gonna add tempo for another 3 weeks because of to much caloric expenditure while i’m trying to add strength not lose weight…Comments please

done right (not too fast) tempo aids recovery and if need be eat more


Or if that is too hard, Drink Calories! Protein shakes blended with some eggs, milk, banana, berries and ice and maybe a spoon of OIL.

Looking for easy ways out of doing hard work, ie tempo, or weights and Speed in same sessions, neglecting jumps or mediballs ect and you’ll be left with Half results.

Extra training requires commitment - in the form of Food, sleep, therapy ect.

Mon. a.m. 8x 10m, 6 x 20m, 4 x 30m
Mon. p.m. Lower Body Heavy

Wed. a.m. Plyometrics
Wed. p.m. Small Body Parts

Fri. a.m. 8x 10m, 6 x 20m, 4 x 30m, 2 x 40
Fri. p.m. Upper Body Heavy :This is my schedule…Tempo: Would 100m x 10 x 2 with 30 secs rest between reps and 2 mins between sets be sufficient?