stair vs hill distance

It is still winter here and i don’t have access to hills. I have a tire and a sled but i would also like to use stairs at the hockey arena. Taking a natural 2 stair stride there is only 12 strides though. I don’t know if this is enough to be compatible to the 40m workouts. There is one section that has a long hallway after the last step where you can take off. Any suggestions?

i think the point of the hills is just to help your form and to keep your speed submaximal. ive seen several other threads similar to this. usually the consensus is that push ups starts and other flat ground stuff can work, too, if your concerned about using stairs -> i think this is the thread i’m remembering

i think a hill sprint is an EXCELLENT way to convert weight room strength into explosive strength. I like to think of hill sprints as > dynamic squats

14-16 strides on the stairs is usually enough to reach your acceleration limit, so you could do your 12 strides then continue for about 10m after the stairs.