100mph Pitcher's and Top Javelin Throwers

Just did a quick analysis of height and weights of current MLB pitchers and then compared to the top 10 or so Javelin throwers in past few years. Interestingly, both groups had similar heights and weights (about 6’2"", 215 lbs).

Of the baseball pitchers on the list, only one was not over 200 lbs (Linncecum). I would be curious to know what the pitchers weight room numbers are.

I’d be interested in CC Sabathia fast food numbers:)

ESTI, Wouldn’t rotational/core training be at the forefront of there training programs in the gym? As opposed too multiple-joint exercises?.


BTW, Me being an English citizen, who is regarded as the fastest pitcher in baseball?. (MLB)

where was this list? because billy wagner used to be able to hit 100 and he is 5’10 180. and ichiro just won the survey on which outfielder has the best arm in SI and he’s listed at 5’9-5’11 160-175. juan cruz used to hit 95 and weighed 140

i remember reading bobby jenks avoids the weight room altogether but pettite has an intense weight program. tom seaver did conditioning over weights, id bet the weight room numbers are extremely varied and their programs very individual

might be strasburg, though he hasnt made an mlb appearance yet, he probably will before the season’s over

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OC3gczLJLuE and check this, two indian jav throwers turned into pro baseball pitchers (both could throw mid high 80s off a whim just with jav training)

Name Speed Position Height Weight
Joel Zumaya 104.8 Set Up 75 210
Jonathan Broxton 102.6 Closer 76 295
Brian Wilson 102.2 Closer 73 195
Brad Lidge RHP 102 Closer 75 215
Bobby Jenks RHP 102 Closer 75 275
Neftali Feliz 102 Closer 75 215
Matt Lindstrom 102 Starter-Closer 75 220
Justin Verlander 102 Starter 77 225
Daniel Bard 101.3 Middle Relief 74 200
A.J. Burnet 101 Starter 75 205
Joba Chamberlain 101 Relief 74 230
Bobby Parnell 100.9 Starter 74 200
Henry Rodriguez 100.6 Relief 72 220
Ubaldo Jimenez 100.6 Starter 76 210
Merkin Valdez 100.2 Relief 73 230
Kyle Farnsworth 100.2 Relief 74 220
Fernando Rodney 100.1 Closer 71 215
Kevin Jepsen 100.0 Relief 75 215
Mark Lowe 100 Relief 75 210
Tim Lincecum 99.3 Starter 71 170
Stephen Strasburg 103 Minor Leagues 74 220

Possibly. Since finding this list, I have spent about 8 hours studying javelin strength training programs from various european coaches. The common thread was they all could lift heavy numbers. Many also mentioned medicine ball work but nothing specific was mentioned, maybe because of translation issues??

i wouldnt be surprised if baseball pitchers were much weaker than world class jav throwers because a baseball weighs 5 oz and a jav weighs six times that

Al Vermeil has some good stories about maximum strength/power and long drive champions in golf. All of the top long drivers have good scores in vertical jump, broad jump and med-ball max distance throws. And, they also do power cleans.

I believe the involvement of “rotational” training is overplayed by the lay trainers out there. Maximal strength and lower body power are critical in throwing events.

A few javelin weight training videos I have saved.

The technical execution of the lifts is a separate discussion; however, the strength of these men is incredible considering their long levers and lack of cross-section

Thorkildsen Bench

Thorkildsen Bench

Thorkildsen behind the neck jerk

Pitkamaki- bench is at 1:23

Great videos James!

I find it interesting in US, it’s nearly a sin to have baseball players bench, or do any overhead lifting. And here we see two current top throwers lifting heavy.

iron cross


Javelin Throwers throw after a long run up…pitchers throw from a stand.
So…not entirely comparable…plus…the strength and power of top javelin guys is amazing…top of the crop world class athletes.
a decade ago, MIck Hill, british javelin thrower ( 86 m)…at the end of his career, in a sporting festival threw a cricket ball 125m…

Agreed, the bench press has turned taboo for many throwing athletes in CONUS and I find it amusing.

The problem has nothing to do with the bench press and everything do to with inadequate training, therapy, stretching, etcetera to ensure that:

  • the shoulder internal rotators and pectoral minor do not become tight and short
  • shoulder external rotators and lateral abductors do not become lengthened and weak
  • seratus anterior is properly strengthened
  • overhead mobility and dynamic stability is addressed
  • scapular depression and downward rotation is regularly trained
  • overall mobility and dynamic stabilization of shoulder girdle is addressed
  • hip mobility is sufficient
  • training program as a whole is sound

I have integrated various drills that Thorkildsen performs as general preparatory training into the training of my quarterbacks. I met a throws coach in 2007 who had acquired these videos of Thorkildsen and I noticed that they have more recently been posted on Youtube:

Thorkildsen Gymnastics

Many fantastic drills for all throwing athletes.

Another great find. I can see the benefit of these, but i think the issue is how to progress to this point. With your quarterbacks, what type of progression do you have in place?

I’ve formulated a progression/introduction series that has been in place since 2007.

It’s more holistic, versus rigid, in terms of which drills and how much.

In short, my suggestion to you is to take the drills that are closest to what you already have your athletes performing, in addition to those which you know they can safely perform, and graduate their introduction in terms of volume and intensity.

They are placed at an auxiliary capacity in my programming and I should note that many of them are appropriate for nearly all American football playing positions due to the structural shoulder traumas that are common amongst everyone on the field except kickers/punters.

The key is to regulate the performance of the drills that require/generate more than needed mobility about the shoulder.

It is nearly as contraindicated to develop hyper mobility in non-throwing positions (for protection reasons) than it is indicated for throwing athletes to develop the necessary mobility for obvious reasons.

vertical and broad jumps? Assuming these golfers are athletes? Or did they leave out the guys like John Daily?

Perhaps Im ignorant, but you say golfers are doing power cleans!?:confused:

I saw the long rnage champ,…looked like mark McGwire…

Insane core strength.

Maybe. It will be intertwined…

But I still personally feel core & rotational strength is a greater benefit & obviously good technique.