High School 100m Training

fri mar 25

plank variations
inchworm push-ups (half court)
~1/2 mile jog

-first day of training with the throwers on my team. i came late to practice because of a school commitment, so i missed the team warm up and some sprints. apparently this was the hardest workout the throwers have done in ages
-i think training with the throwers will work as long as i can keep everything such LI that its practically an offday, which after talking to the other throwers seems totally plausible. the only thing i’m scared about is when we do sprints that the throwing coach will try to make me go all out since he knows i’m really a 100m guy, but i think i can hide in the crowd and save my sprinting for where it can improve me (jav kids do general training with the shotputters so i’m sure i can hide in the crowd and be going at practically a jog)

sat mar 26

weigh in -> 142 lbs

stretch checks
grass tempo:
-1000m circuit

6’ abs circuit
light stretch
hip and pcl stretch

school dance

-felt pretty winded after the tempo, i hope to see fitness improvements before racing begins, but since i just essentially took a month off and my bf and such is low i think i should see rapid improvements in this

sun mar 27


-my hip muscles are very sore from the dance, all the rocking back and forth from “modern dancing” really takes its toll. almost everyone that goes is sore the next day

mon mar 28

offensive lineman quickness drills

wrist flicks to gun

-these were extremely easy as the jav throwers train with the shot putters in any general training. i went tempo or slower pace for all the running (~10 yd sprints) and “duck” walks and such were very easy for me though the heavier shot putters seemed to have trouble. pretty much an offday
-outer hips are still pretty sore


jav -> 91,109,116 ft
100m -> 11.3h
4x100m anchor
1x120m blocks relaxed

jump rope
3x3 bench@165
3x10 chin ups
200 medball throws@15/16

-second consecutive pr in the 100m, still a bit of a tailwind, but not enough that the coaches didnt mark them as wind aided. ok start and poor finish, but better top speed. the stomping into the ground hard cue seems to work great, just once i get tired my torso and hips collapse forward so i need to keep upright to keep a compact stride motion (no excessive backside mechanics)

sun 5/8

weigh in-> 144

60,40 blocks
3x30m llrr hops

jump rope
parallel squat 300
bench 200
bw strength checks

-to get fully upright, i actually feel like im leaning back slightly, but from video the only posterior tilt i have when doing this is my hips, which is good. i hope this posture fix will improve my last 20-30m of the 100. felt pretty fast today, and even ran into a headwind

mon 5/9

1000m grass tempo
4x1 handoffs
some jav throws
hurdle drills
2’ abs

-meet tomorrow, last league duel-meet, after that its all big, championship meets that will be measuring wind and using FAT times. i’ve stopped doing time goals, and am gonna set a performance goal. really zone in on stomping cue and get and stay fully upright through the end of the 100

Rather than set a performance goal I wonder if setting the goal to repeat your performance from what you do day in and day out. This is how I was taught. All you want is to repeat and not do anything special.
Good luck. Sounds like you are excited to compete.

thanks for the comment angela! i like your idea on goal setting and will probably use a similar mindset as i set goals for my championship meets (there are three, maybe 4 of them). i treated these not as big duel meets as my HI days though, so i also try to work on my technique during them

tues may 10

100m -> 11.8h
4x100 anchor -. 12.3h split
3x3 bench@165
3x10 chin ups
200 medball throws@12
1x80m blocks

-headwind in both races today. the kid in the lane next to me crashed into me in the first 10m or so, not sure how much this affected my time, but we did get tangled up a bit. in the relay i get the baton at the very beginning of the zone, so i believe i actually run 110m. i actually pulled away from a kid who was keeping with me in the last 10m because i just picked up my stride rate and it seemed to work
-no sleepiness/weakness before my race today. i just tried not to get too nervous and didnt take any supplements before my races

wed may 11

rt drill

-some hamstring and lower back/oblique soreness

thurs may 12

hurdle drills
500m grass tempo
2’ abs 1/2 reps

fri may 13

premeet (a couple blast outs, submax fly, 4x1 handoffs)

hot tub

-district meet tomorrow. first camera timed meet of the year. i want to get upright for the top speed portion of my race (i have a bad habit of leaning forward and having my hips go anterior on me) and finish strong (i’ve figured out the best way for me to accomplish this is to concentrate on purely stride rate for the last 10-20m)

sat may 14

100m -> 11.60,11.61
4x100m anchor

jump rope
3x3 bench@165,170,175
3x3 each human flag
100 medball throws@15/16

-some soreness in a ligament or something in my left armpit, not sure what it is
-good starts in both my 100s, but terrible top speed sections, and managed to move up on the crowd during the last 10m or so. i think i may be rushing top speed which is resulting in me never getting my hips high. i have a HI day planned for monday and a league meet whre there’ll be trials and finals again so i can use the trials to really zone in on technique and see what happens
-bench press in the gym felt very light today for some reason
-when i got home i just collapsed on the coach, today was really a burner. hammys were fried by the end of today, too

sun may 15

hurdle drills
500m grass tempo
2’ abs, half reps

-armpit ligament still sore, but not painful
-chest and outer posterior chain have minor soreness

mon may 16

weigh in -> 146

team jav stuff

40,80,120 blocks

jump rope
strength checks

-forgot to do llrr hops after the running. wasnt planning on doing many, ill just do them on my premeet day on wednesday since its a low enough volume that i can use it as the end of the extensive warm up i do on premeet days (planning on only doing 1 or 2x30m relaxed of 'em)
-concentrating on a solid core, good posture and relaxation in my runs today. sometimes i get stride rate problems when i get more upright, but hip height was much better and backside mechanics much more limited

tues may 17

rt drill

wed may 18

500m grass tempo
hurdle drills
2’ abs circuit (half reps)

thurs may 19

120,90,60m blocks
2x30m llrr hops

3x3 1/4 squat@315
3x3 bench@175/180
3x3 each human flag

fri may 20

team mile jog