jamaica international may 7th 2011

here is the 200m, asafa powell just gives up at 150m :s 1st nickel ashmeed 19.95 1.6w

the user has links to the 100m too yohan blake 9.80 2.2w

carmelita jeter 10.86 1.9w


seems as if asafa was leading at 120m then just knocked off maybe due to a twitch maybe ! would love to really know why he just gave up coming off te bend?

it would have been good to see what time he would have actually run too if he pushed to the end !

damn it appeared like maybe his coach said just run the 120 or maybe he was hurt. he defintily would have one the race and ran 19.8xxx

and he still ran 21.40!

Damn check out blake. I see another 4x1 wr by jamaica. 33 secs anyone lol

And a good early season time for Mike Rodgers, 9.96. Showed much improved finishing speed after a mediocre start, which is usually the strongest part if his race.

Comments more appropriate then here…

I love the noise in those videos!

Smart move from Asafa, if that’s the case; I hope it doesn’t interfere with the rest of his season!

Carter, Blake, Bolt, Powell all 9,8 or sub 9,8 guys damn :pan
Can’t wait to see their relay.