Walter Dix

Any changes in Dix body? He looked a little bigger and leaner, his upper legs are thick.

He looks the same to me… One thing however is that when people cut their long hair, sometimes they look drastically different.

I don’t know but his upper legs look huge. I agree he don’t look much leaner.

His running tehnique still seems bad to me…

nothin wrong with it. forward lean, he hunches over, great knee lift and form.

I thought so too. I have been told you should not hunch and roll the shoulders forward like he does but the posterior tilt he has, I have been told, is great. It’s not like he does the pawing thing like Gatlin always did.

I notice all the best sprinters, except MJ, have slight forward lean throughout the race, Bolt, Powell, Mo, Ato, Donovan all have a few degrees of forward lean while upright running. It always kind of throws me off being told to run upright and stand tall. Thinking that always makes me lean back and overstride and brake.

His shoulder movement seems quite bad, especially his arms. He isn’t to relaxed either.
Well I may be wrong, I’m no expert but comparing to Tyson Gay in the last 200m in Eugene he looks “bad”
Is it just that Tyson has better tehnique in general?

wouldnt compare that race. tyson was tired thats why he looked more relaxed and dix was really trying his best to win. Look at tysons other races, he has veins popping out his neck to the finish

I’d sure like to run 19. and 9. “looking bad”! Surely its better than running 11. looking like a text book model!!

I didn’t mean that critical.
I meant that. It’s much different than Dix… It seems more relaxed to me (1:13). Any comments?

Of course Dix isn’t running bad or anything. I compared two top sprinters and Gay by my opinion really has a better tehnique.

Damn its been so long since bolt has been beat

Yeah, Safa beat him in 2008 in a 100m shortly before Olympics.

In video when Bolt hugs Gay after the race it seems to me as he would be saying (with body language of course) “I’ll be back, I’ll can run better, you’re mine…”

bolt lost a race?

yea back in the day spearmon used to give it too him, then he got faster and gay gave it to him. now he gives it to everybody.

oh let me clarify, i was asking more recentlty as i havent been following it this summer

Bolt’s last loss, as I said earlier, was to Asafa in a 100m not too long before the Olympics.

Ran into this vid and remembered this thread:

Today Gay is gonna do the same… :wink: