What to look for

Day 1
Women’s Marathon
Ethiopia never won gold or silver at the women’s marathon in the World Championships.
The best medal by Ethiopian in the women’s marathon is bronze. It might all change tomorrow in Daegu.

Can Kenya or Ethiopia win two medals in the women’s marathon? Previously, only Japanese women have won multiple medals in the women’s marathon in the World Championships.

Decathlon 100m
Ashton Eaton ran 10.26 for 100m in mid-August, which is faster than 10.34, the record during the decathlon by Huffin. So Eaton has the good chance to improve the record.

The fastest final 400m in W10000m in WC is 58.4 by Tirunesh Dibaba in 2005.
The fastest final 200m in W10000m in WC is 29.9 by Berhane Adere in 2003.
Will it be faster today in the final of W10000m?
Because of the weather, the race may be slow and thus come down to the final sprint.

Can defending champion Linet Masai win 2nd gold in W10000m to tie Tirunesh Dibaba with the number of gold medal category?

W20Km Walk

If Kaniskina wins, it will be record 3rd victory in this event for her.
Olimpida Ivanova also has two gold medals at this event.

If any one of the Russian wins, it will be six straight gold medal for Russia.
Russian failed to win only in the inaugural year (for 20Km Walk) of 1999
RUS won gold and silver in 2007, CHN also won same medals in 1999 (inaugural year), but no nation ever swept the medal.


First 1-2-3-4 finish at W10000m in the history of the World Championships. There has been 1-2-3 by Ethiopian in two occasions - 2001 
and 2005 - but never 1-2-3-4, both men and women's side. 

It was also the greatest dominance by African born runners, occupying first 6 places. 
Previously, in 2009, African born runners occupied first 5 place.

Day 2

If she wins a medal, Darya Klishna will be the first World Youth champion to win a medal in the World Championships.

If she wins silver or gold, Li Yanfeng will be the first Asian to win WDT in the World Championships.
Even if she only win silver, Li will be the first Asian to win silver medal.
If Barrios wins gold, she will complete the medal set (gold, silver, bronze), first to do so in WDT.

Kenenisa Bekele is going after fifth consecutive gold medal in the World Championships in this event.
If successful, he will move ahead of Haile Gebrselassie and Michael Johnson who have four gold.

The fastest time on Korean soil is 27:21.46 recorded in 1988 Seoul Olympics. It is likely to be broken.
The fastest time in Asia is 26:57.36 by Ndambiri (KEN) in May of 2009.

Last time European won a medal in this event is back in 1987. Can Mo Farah change that?

Fastest 100m in Daegu (9.86), in Korea (9.86) are likely to be broken.
Can Christophe Lemaitre (FRA) become the first “Continental European (not including Britain)” to win a medal in this event?
Can Jamaica become the first country other than the US to sweep the medal at 100m?