usain bolt DQed.... agree with me this was the worst 100 finals since 2003

Thank gawd the women reestablished some respect for the 100m. Great race IMO.

take a look at how high asafa places his feet. I noticed about 5 years ago

Dayron Robles -DQ… What’s the deal with Oliver?

Yeah… if not that rule, maybe today we would have a new world record.

I agree. This rule was put in place for tv. This has nothing to do with making the sport safer. Shit it has nothing to do with the athletes at all. Shit the rule didnt work at prefontaine. When they finally ran the race we didnt event get a replay. They cut it off to show the pre event of a horse race. the actual race didnt start for 2 hours. If they are worried about tv then show only the last 3 to 4 laps of the 10k and steeple. something knowone cares about. dont fuck up your marquee event. fucking idiots

The three Jamaican women had the three slowest reaction times in the 100m final. In fact, the difference between Jeter and Campbell-Brown (0.07s) was (almost) entirely due to Jeter’s faster reaction to the gun. Bolt’s disqualification didn’t cost Jamaica their men’s 100m gold medal, but did it cost them the women’s?

Likewise, Fraser-Price lost the battle for bronze not on the track but in the blocks.

Ok so Blake twitched, Bolt broke early, and Bailey also broke early. Weird start.

+1 …

I agree. Could it be because the amount of money and the sponsors who pressure athletes to win be the cause?

That flinch pulled bolt out. Bolt pratices with this guy. He knew he had to go with him out the blocks. After the race bolt screamed “its too easy!” that doesnt sound like a man who was acting. He was mad at yohon for the flinch. No conspiracy…

The instant you break, you know you broke. Not 10m later, THE INSTANT. But, what you May not know, is if somebody else broke before you… He didnt wait to see if it was him who did so 1st.

Usain Bolt’s sensational disqualification is a black mark for International Athletics Federation
• Mike Hurst
• From:The Daily Telegraph
• August 30, 20118:17AM

It seems that every article that is getting written points the finger at track officials and/or the Federation instead of Bolt himself. Let’s assume it was Asafa who false started in the finals. Would we all be calling him a choker today? In the end, Usain Bolt false started. He did not even protest. There is no else to blame.

I don’t quite follow the argument that the rule is simply for TV. The false start by Chambers was never shown on TV. There were a few instances where NBC skipped to the “clean start” race during heats (omitting to show ones with false starts). If there is a delay in the broadcast, false starts don’t need to eat up air time. Obviously Bolt’s was more significant than just your basic DQ, so it caught some air.

As an ex starter (level A track) and ex coach (ATFCA level 4) I take my hat off to Usain Bolt, an athlete that put his hand up when he messed up instead of laying on the track and chucking a childish paddy. The rule was changed because of the so called games man ship of some athletes and their coaches (I’ll false start it may put XXXX off and I will win.

The thing I am most Pissed about is the stupid buzz used to start the races. Bring back the bang.

As you can see from the result of the men’s 400m final today, even this event can be decided at the start. Kirani James actually ran 0.1s slower than LaShawn Merrit, but Merrit spent 0.13s longer in his blocks.

I agree, use it or lose it.

Yeah Lashawn had an oddly slow reaction/start. He also ran what is the World Lead and what wouldve been the winning time in the heats (44.35)

He needs to do more mileage so he doesn’t get run down in the last 50m :slight_smile:

lol why is everyone slow this year in general

Next year is the Olympics…