usain bolt DQed.... agree with me this was the worst 100 finals since 2003

no bolt
no tyson
no powell

9.93 won it… everyone else over 10.00
and bolt jogging a 10.05 is 2 tenths off what he’d run in 08 or 09 in the semis…

damn im disappointed in the way things went. Seems like no one wanted to run.

I’ve hated the new rule since it came into effect because of the potential for this. That was horrendously disappointing and bad for the sport.

honestly im happy bolt was DQed. on the line he was showboating and kinda mocking his rivals by looking left and right- basically implying no-one has got a chance on beating him. after the race bolt was joking at the time instead of taking it like a man and congratulating his training partner

you can say what you like about carl lewis, at least he respected his rivals!

im soo happy im LMAO

as far as times…very very slow for a WC considering these guys were running 9.8s for most of the season. the wind was -1.4 but was worth watching bolt spitting his dummy out :slight_smile:

I agree.

It will be interesting to see whether the new rule gets revised.
he acted like no one can beat him, karma got him

its a bad rule why…because bolt DQed! its all about TV and keeping things rolling. everyone knows the rule and know the results if you break them.

sorry guys if i appear to be a D*** but wth the amount of money being payed to certain athletes its crazy to be DQed when rules are rules

None of the top eight sprinters of 2011 ran in this final!

Blake’s time is worth 9.7 under good conditions, though, so he is certainly in great shape.

You def appear to be a dick. I wouldn’t wish a false start in a championship final on anyone. Nerves must affect them in situations like this.

What can I say…the $7 odds were very nice thank you!

agreed about how bad it was

I disagree, X-Man. Carl Lewis had his own tactics that would have appeared disrespectful to some of his rivals… But that is OK. It’s in the heat of competition. As long as someone is not literally spitting in your face… I don’t see anything wrong with it.

fellow members, i understand we will not agree on the matter but from what i seen before and after bolts DQ i felt delighted for him. he clearly false started, he was soo cocky before the race it was funny to see his reaction after the DQ. as you all know im not a bolt fan but we are all entitled to our opinions here once the language and respect is withheld between our site.

who ever thought this would happen eh!?

Im gonna have to agree with rainey here. Bolt mocks people. WTF. He has been doing that shit for years. He aint bothering anyone unless they look. Some people wanna look serious at the line. Bolt likes to joke around. obviously that calms his nerves. Then you say your happy? wtf so you dont think he put alot of hard work in? so he deserves to false start? really. When everyone else start to act like bolt at the line did you hate them also. Asafa did it you hate him? yohon does it you hate him? bailey does it you hate him. Really this is some bull. Even chambers got fucked in the semi. You happy he dqed too? what about in the womens 400. Happy to see her go. That was some real hate there x. Did bolt do something to you?

MY boy was at the last olympics. He told me dix talked so much shit to bolt which is one reason he showed out. You dont know what goes on behind the scenes but to say your happy he fs is a shame

chris, everyone is entitled to their personnal opinion. i gave my honest opinion so what…dont shoot me for saying something that no-one agrees with. did you see him congratulate blake his training partner straight after the race? OR shake hands with his rivals after the race? where is the respect to his rivals?

MY boy was at the last olympics. He told me dix talked so much shit to bolt which is one reason he showed out. You dont know what goes on behind the scenes but to say your happy he fs is a shame[/QUOTE]

naw i didnt watch what happened after, but shit dont really know whats going through his mind. but i have never heard bolt do an interview were he disrespected any rival. all he really does is clown around on the track. He doesnt even act arrogant. i respect your opinion but i just wanted to know why u hate him so much? Did u always dislike him?

sorry guys if i was honest and i apoligise if i upset any of you by my comments which i still feel strong about but this is sport and no matter who you are you will always have envys and enemys!

ok this article showed that he was angry…i expect that. But you still havent explained why you dislike him so much?

Am I the only one that thinks something is up? That false start wasn’t even close. And his reaction looks a little too “prepared”.

This from a guy who obliterated the field in the first 20m in the first heat. He doesn’t need a great start for the semi, let alone the final. He ran too well. Too easily in the previous heat to go out like this on a blatant false start.

Well what i really think i cant talk about on the site. I only have one question…do people who false start get tested? But u are right. I have never seen bolt fs. But at the same time He knows what yohan can do first person. Also maybe this is a way to get that dumb ass fs rule changed. WHo knows

strong this. This rule is bullsh*t. As a fan I look for seeing fast races, such as the 9.58 race in 2009. Not interested in seeing “karma” and then 7/8 guys run over 10.00

Regardless, bolt would have won in a low 9.8x maybe 9.78-9.79. He clearly wasnt in the same semi final shape as seen before.