Block settings and shin angles

Hi Guys,

Basically for the past couple years I have had problems with my shin angles during the first 20m coming out of my blocks.

Im 5ft 7 and my block settings were close to the line which may be the cause of this (front block : 1foot, 3 hand spacings rear block: 2 feet, 3 hand spacings).

on thursday my blocks were changed and i was moved much further back ( front block: 2 feet 1 hand spacing rear block: 3 feet, 1 hand spacing).

He said it looks alot better this way but i feel like i lose all explosivness coming out the blocks, but this may be because im not use to it.

Here is a video of me from year and half ago, from which i still have the same problem. there are more videos on the side of me too.

basically i would like to know how i can fix this because its costing me alot in my acceleration.

if its a physical or technical aspect how can i improve it? or what would cause this too ?!

(still from your “original pads” video)

Are you still up on the balls of your feet like this? First thing I would change is getting your feet flat against the pads.

no not anymore, i got rid of those spikes for that exact reason. Now i put my back foot against the block, as in the middle of my spike plate.

I think being so close to the line is causing me to pop up after the 2nd/3rd step.

the knee and hip angles look too small to me ?

Ive moved my blocks back now to 2 foot and 3 foot spacings so my shoulders are behind my hands and im getting better results i think.

Do you think too low of a set position would cause this choppy step action?

Straighten your spine, load both heels back against the blocks, don’t lean forward in the set position because you’ll increase the load over your hands and may struggle with a fast (right) hand response to the gun (because your hands are pinned down on the track). Elevate your hips high enough so that you can drive your left knee through from the rear to around the starting line or over it without jamming. Remember in the early acceleration phase you need the foot to strike behind the pelvis to drive your body forward. If your foot strikes ahead of the pelvis you need to wait until the body rolls ahead of the foot again before you can push effectively. Angles behind the knees in the set position are usually around 90 degrees (your right knee) and 120 on the rear leg.

do you think tom tellez block set up style where the front knee is inline with arms works best?

i know usually the set up is 2 steps for the front block and adjust backwards from there but i found that to have my front knee inline with my arms , my front block is closer that 2 steps?

You need to feel comfortable in the blocks. I can’t offer strict advice. If your front block is closer than 2 steps but you start faster and with better balance, who cares? Don’t be a slave to “the rules”. By all means familiarise yourself with “the rules” but then superimpose your own model as needs.

ok thanks kitkat great advice, when i start block work again il post a video of how my blocks/start look now.