Usain Bolt The Fastest Man Who Has Ever Lived

Usain Bolt The Fastest Man Who Has Ever Lived
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A documentary by Michael Johnson.

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Usain Bolt The Fastest Man Who Has Ever Lived.

is this the same vid that was on youtube?

Well bang it on & lets see, or throw in the link blud…

Most youtube vids rarely exceed 10 mins.

It was removed a few weeks ago.

Just to point out… The link I gave is working & clean.

Good watch.

yea chris its the same one that was on in 8 parts on youtube.

Has anyone noticed two things;

1] MJ didn’t make the documentary about UB only. It was about UB AND MJ (this does not surprise me at all);

2] Glen Mills was never mentioned in the documentary. Not once! (MJ has met with the agent but not with the coach) - Why do you think is that?

I had to keep skipping forward b/c MJ hasn’t gotten over having someone beat his 200m WR yet.

…Besides the fact that MJ had an ulterior motive for making the documentary…
My guess is that Glen Mills did not want anything to do with the documentary probably because he feels that it’s premature. Usain has not yet accomplished all the goals that Mills has laid out for him.

Those are my thoughts anyway.

I guess Mills just wanted to stay under the radar & let Usain take the limelight, he is after all the star.

There could also be ill-feeling between the two. MJ once spoke out about how Usain should go about his career.

Lets not in anyway criticize or dis-respect such a legendary figure in track such as MJ. His knowledge & status is second to none.

MJ is a fucking narcissist.

He deserves disrespect because he continually disrespects the achievements of other athletes. That video was nothing but a way for MJ to try to stay relevant.

No offense, but I doubt anybody on these boards can tie MJ’s shoelaces.

He is also qualified to criticize, if he deems something isn’t right. His facility, resume & knowledge are second to none. If I had the opportunity & lived in the locality of Dallas, I would work under MJ at his performance center at the drop of a hat.

Calm the hate. MJ has done so much for athletics in general.

shit eh, 2003 he was already passing the 100 line on bend in 10.5x on his way to 20.25. This would put him at least at 10.2x on the straight. 43 strides to 100m on bend and 81 to 200m in this race. Then the year later the 19.93 at 17. I’d guess based on the 20.25 race split distribution the previous year that he progressed to 10.3x around the bend at the 19.93 run. So basically a 10.0x athlete on the straight at 17… That view of that 19.93 from the stands really shows his elastic strength gift.

It was a good documentary but it was also a shameless MJ business plug at the same time.

Technically it was a poor documentary. However, it was good to get an insight about Bolt for us enthusiasts, athletes or coaches.

Why was it poorly done?

Well, a good director would not pose a question to Bolt (or anyone) and then cut him off before he had a chance to answer it. Perhaps Bolt has answered the question but whoever edited the footage made a mistake.

The question I am talking about was when MJ asked Bolt ’ What makes him so fast?’

And yeah, I do not like arrogant and egoistic people like MJ.

yeah… because saying he is a dick is the same as saying he sucked as an athlete. ok bro. nobody says he sucked as an athlete just that he tried to make that vid about him as much as bolt.

MJ is a douche, ask Donovan Bailey.

Good to see Bolt doing some tempo… but hardly a killer workout!

The question was answered. “When I started track & field I was good naturally, I was always running fast, breaking records. Its just a talent, everybody has there own talents, god gave me the talent to run fast & give back to the world”. Referring to genetics & why the ability is there to run fast.

Also, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a little self-promotion on MJ’s part, particularly when it housed some of the best parts of the documentary.

Who has trained at MJ’s facility?