Looks like weekly amounts. Tempo is very important for all sports.

Bobsledders - Low intensity
Warmup 20-30mins
Mb circuit (various throws and drills)
Jog 5mins/Stretch

Remember the coach of the athletes with the best lifts and runs did no tempo running and only did light dynamic warmup on non speed/power days. I think most would agree that some low intensity element is important even if it is alternative means. Curious to see if they are doing 1000+ tempo running now.

Bro, that’s only one coach - I don’t see how 800-1200yds of tempo could be harmful.

Yes… the bobsledders are doing a low to moderate volume of weekly extensive tempo at this point in the training year (1000-1200m). It is very typical of Charlie’s work… warm-up/ hurdle mobility/ mid-section work and throws… intermixed with recovery runs of anywhere between 50-100m. The density of this training will change due to the demands of sport increasing (sliding, pushing, travel, etc). The athletes are tested in force and power outputs every block, which is extremely beneficial in seeing what exactly occurs in training and what needs to change… so far all athletes have improved markedly. There have also been some early PR’s in the weightroom and on track (only 2-3 blocks into training year).

Hope this helps clarify any questions.

Still don’t understand - are these weekly amounts? What events are you using to test force and power?

To help clarify your question the sliding athletes perform tempo work twice a week with daily volumes ranging from 1000-1300m depending on athlete need, training status, and/or training age.

With regard to testing, peak force, RFD, and power are measured using the following: isometric midthigh pulls, static and countermovement jumps at various loads from 0kg to 60kg. Acceleration is assessed at various distances usintingling eyes…In addition, mood status, body composition, and urine specific gravity are taken.

Thanks alot.

Thanks for sharing your athletes training.

Dlive11, ehart7,

For those of us who cannot train with you guys in person can you discuss a little how you setup your microcycle strength training wise?

Do you do a push-pull like:

Day 1 Squat

Day2 Clean

Day3 front squat or other leg exercise

Many here are interested in the sport and look forward tonyour responses.

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How have you setup your training?

I found an old thread where NumberTwo was discussing how he setup training for bob and he said most everything was accel (often not further than 30-40m), little in the way of flying 20’s, etc. Tempo was kept to 800-1000m PER session.

Maybe he can comment further as well.

I posted my training format in this thread, I haven’t started training because I am recovering from surgery - hence why I need 6-8 weeks of 8-10reps. My training will be geared towards a 60m specialist vs only doing short sprints. Tempo volume will range from 600-1300m - distances 100-200m.

Aight. Good luck.

Thank you. What do you have plan?

Experiment with Number2’s format for fun. Stone style weights. See how it all works.

Could you explain Stone style weights?

3x10, 3x5, 3x3 things like that.

That’s what I thought, I was curious why everyone was calling it Stone’s weight program etc…

Sounds good.