What is Taurine good for? Recovery? Wasn’t Charlie a fan?

ok cool, good point.

Lyle is right, Taurine opposes the effects of caffeine. I wouldnt take it before a race, but it has its place at other times.

Really? I had no idea. Can you point to any further information on Taurine opposing the effects of caffeine? I’d love to meet Lyle since I’m in Austin all summer.

Want a boost. Take some yohimbine.

Take an extenze, if you don’t get tested because it has dhea in it. Great preworkout.

Do you have to stay away from spandex shorts when using Extenze pre-workout?

A little, if you’re shy.

Does that extenze shit really works?

As a stimulant for workout, most definitely.

It will also give a little pump otherwise and staying power!

That’s about it.

I’ve been taking an energy drink pre-race plus tyrosine, but now that I see above that speedster has claimed taurine opposes the effects of caffeine, does anyone have any recommendations for a better pre-race stack?

Told you.

Yohimbine + caffeine. Throw in some nootropics if you want.

Try geranamine too.

I hear it’s awesome though I haven’t tried it yet. It’s banned by NCAA I think.

Have you tried GPC?

I tried Alpha GPC along with aniracetam. I didn’t “feel” anything, not like a stim at least. Maybe better focus…

I heard the same thing.

Alpha GPC did not live up to the hype for me

I like using GPC when I feel lethargic or sluggish leading up to a workout. Doesn’t give you some magical boost or anything but gets me ready to have a solid workout.

T-slow - I would be cautious of any pre-workout supplement with taurine in it. Not just the ones with caffeine. Taurine is basically an inhibitory amino acid in the first place


There are others.

Is yohimbine a banned substance?

no, it isn’t