Usain Bolt The Fastest Man Who Has Ever Lived

Drop the negativity lr1400. MJ is a hero & a inspiration to so many. There is no way you can say that isn’t one hell of a fantastic facility to increase athletic potential.

We saw during the making of the documentary, Paula Radcliffe training there. I think many of a great athlete/teams have brandished its floors. Its just something they will not go out of there way to boast about.

Drop the nonsensical attitude.

Ok u are the biggest Mj fan on this site and as you can see majority of everyone else hates him. Yall are wasting time going back and forth. Your minds are made up so stop trying to convince each other. lol

I have not seen the documentary, so I can’t comment on it, but I have heard of much negative feeling towards MJ on this site.
It’s true that he’s very much in to self promotion, however;
As I have frequently seen him on the BBC doing commentary (and a few other documentary’s) as well as some newspaper articles in Britain, all I can say is:
It’s nice to see an ex athlete still sharing their passion for the sport. He offers a different kind of analasis (spelling?) than the typical british commentators. He tells it how it is, and offers technical information (though basic) on the BBC. This is refreshing because the sports image must include the fact that these athletes train and perform in a scientific matter. (we know this allready - but the general armchair fan must know that fact also. it adds another dynamic to the sport, for the armchair fan.)
It’s pretty cool how the BBC got the expertise on board of one of the greatest track athletes ever.

He has his faults, but atleast he’s not appearing ‘aloof’ like say, Carl Lewis, who appears to be ‘above’ anything to do with the sport, and who criticizes the achievements of the new super stars.

I agree. MJ has a much better personality than Carl Lewis.

i think the reason why paula went to MJs facility is maybe because of a NIKE link somewhere down the line! MJ certainly wasnt a mechanical model and used what he was given as a talent. he also wouldnt be the best role model for the sport but hey who is?

ala carl lewis…yes hes still brash and so on but read between the lines in what hes saying. he actually should think before he speaks and i would actually agree with 85% of the statements he talks about…

I love the contrast in the video. I don’t know if it was intentional but it was funny seeing the guys at the MJ facility with all the best equipment and technology trying to figure out why Jamaicans training on dirt and grass with stone age equipment are so fast.

last winter i shingled a roof with a buddy, ur basic gable two slope roof. I had the easy side, no vents or stacks or chimneys which he had. We had my compressor and 2 coil nail guns. I beat him to the peak but he was only 2 rows behind, and he was using a hammer lol. I asked him why he didnt use the gun and he said he wanted to go old school and handbomb it and get a nice 8 hour workout.

…I was thinking the same exact thing (LOL).

Crazy a$$ world.

oh lol, my point with the roof story was, theres always cats who could do things old school way as opposed to new school methods, and be just as fast or faster.