Tyson Gay 9.78 -0.4m/s WL

Dix pulled up hurt midway through the race. It wasn’t particularly warm on that track either.

Gay 9.78 MR, WL
Blake 9.89
Thompson 10.05
Samuels 10.10
Rodgers 10.17
Kimmons 10.27
Spearmon 10.29
Dix 12.46

great race by gay…impressed by blake next year he will do big things

Oh, and Gay felt something in his groin after the race.

Anyway, here’s the vid:

Oh, and why do people make multiple threads on the same race?

Anyone else notice Yohan Blake’s .0203 reaction time? Dude is worth low 9.8s right now with a tailwind.

^^^ Yeah, I’m just as impressed with Blake’s race as I was with Gay’s. In the reverse angle slo-motion Blake is running stride for stride with Gay for the last 20m.

Low 9.8 with a better reaction (e.g. 9.83 with the reaction time Gay had in this race), sub 9.8 with a tailwind, low 9.7 under perfect conditions. The temperature was 14 C at the time of the race and the track had received some rainfall throughout the afternoon and evening.

Dix pulled up, definitely did not look like it was an injury to me! He was getting destroyed by Gay in the lane next to him so just gave up.

Sooooo many athletes injured or banged up, suspended or simply M.I.A. I wonder if it’s hurting the Diamond League in any way.

Sanya Richards
Shelly-Ann Fraiser
Kerron Stewart
Lauryn Williams
Muna Lee
Dawn Harper
Now maybe Dix and Tyson
Jeremy W
LaShawn Merrit

Hell, did I miss anyone!?!


On a serious note i have to disagree… That runningstyle of his isn’t helping him. Like i read on another forum when’s he’s running it’s like he’s carrying a football.

I forgot who said it but I guess it’s true, sprinting is not natural. Anyway, that was a good race by Gay, and from what I saw, Gay had a little quirk in his race at the 40m area, I guess he was not use to getting such a good start.

sprinting not natural…so neither is walking then! as humans we have been running to max speed for centuries whether its catching prey or not but one thing for sure is that the speeds that the top guys are going at nowadays are breath taking

Humans could never catch African prey without ambush. No one was ever running down antelope in the plains. Persistence running and being able to use weapons however, probably provided a fitness advantage for endurance running and big brains.

I respectfully disagree. Going back to prehistoric times, humans have been hunting with spears, knives, and blow pipes and such, we can find archaeological evidence to support this.

I say, running at max speed for 100+ meters is a relativity new undertaking for the human body apposed to walking for miles (i.e., Asiatics migration from Siberia to North America who later on became the Native Americans), jogging for miles (Mayan mail runners) and hunting in groups to utilize the ambush technique as highjumper10 pointed out.

Not long ago there was a documentary about the fastest speed people have run and in Australia somewhere there are fossilised footprints. It was presented that a native was running at a rate faster than Usain Bolt. It was also pointed out that the fossilised footprints were first left in a swamp which later dried up. It was not a case of 1 or 2 footprints, they were over a reasonable distance and it was presumed the native was not at max speed because he/she was running through a swamp.

And this was determined by studying fossilized footprints?:confused:

I will say this, I would like to see a 100m race between all the various homo sapien offshoots.

So called “scientists”, some years ago managed to affirm that , analyzing DNA evolution, man was 1.500.000 years old…women 500.000…something is missing???

Adam and Evan

Gay ran really well in that race. I wish I would be able to get so relaxed in 100m race…

Mate I could not be bothered wasting my time looking for anyones footprints. I did a quick google and found this one estimated at 37km/hour. Under 10s.