CJ says he can beat bolt in a 50

spoke to my coach about the times - they use the ‘lightgate’ timing gates, but the reason theyre so much faster is that they don’t have to react to the gun. still pretty quick off the mark though. i doubt many of them would be great after 30-40, though one player has a top speed of 38.5km/h

Another factor to take into consideration (which so far I have yet to come across being mentioned on the forum) is that when an athlete is running shorter distances 20-60m in these speed tests, and then compares them to the splits seen during World championship/Olympic 100m finals, they fail to realise that “all-out” accelerations within those distances wil probably produce a faster time than if the athlete is just passing through these distances on their way to running a 100m. For example I have found that my 30m times are approximately 2 tenths quicker than my 30m split on my way to running 60m (which is still an intense run). Now this was not a conscious act as no matter how hard I try this becomes the outcome (similar I suppose to an athlete that tries to hit the same top speed in the 200m as they do for the 100m-bend factored in- but just can’t hit it). As the 100m is an even more “energy spreading” distance than the 60m I would suggest that the 30m time on the way to this has an even greater differential than an athletes flat out 30m time.

So what am I saying? Well If Bolt can run 2.89 on his way to running a 100m, then If you subtract the 2-3 tenths for just running 20m where all his ‘energy’ is condensed into this shortened distance Plus he uses timing gates so you can subtract reaction time then I would expect a time closer to 2.45-2.55.

ted ginn ran 10.5, chris only ran 10.38


chris aint beatin no one to the 50. He better worry about Demps when he get to the nfl.

Would that be Micheal Jennings,who plays in the centres for the Penrith Panthers? He is reputed as being the fastest man in the NRL.

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I ran a 2.53 20m full electronic the other day. 4.51 over 40m. It’s top speed that seperates the men from the boys.

The UK no.1 discus thrower ran a 1.59 10m and a 3.5x 30m also.

Yea all that short stuff is useless in track. What happens after 40 is what matters. I read asafa didnt hit top speed till 70 during his wr. I wonder where bolt hit it at?

38,5 km/h…pretty Impressive for a Rugby man…still 6 km/h slower than Bolt.
And…if No one noticed…he (Bolt) was first at 20…so…maybe he could beat him in a 5 yard dash…who knows…regarding 40y timing…Charlie and N2 could remember us of the Toronto Argonauts coaches, that, while at the skydome…clocked a pretty interesting 3.7 for Ben…
Ginn…has a great top speed imho…concentrating on track would be awesome.

Ginn was a better hurdler than 100 man from what I have read.

2.68, electronic? I do not believe…

Nah my coach works with the Manly Sea Eagles. The fastest over 20 (so far) has been David ‘Wolfman’ Williams, but Brett Stewart has the highest top speed (back before he buggered up his knees).

Good point above about the energy spreading - plus, Bolt may have run faster 20s in his lifetime, which may well have been down in the low 2.8s/high 2.7s depending on his start.

Does anyone know what Ben did over 20? Surely he would have been a genuine 2.6-2.7 runner even when reacting to the gun.

Again…we must compare apples to apples…no react time, stand start behind 0,5m and touchpad…are a different world.

I’ve seen Manly do their time trials and would take these times with a BIG pinch of salt. There have been numerous claims from Manly that this player or that is the fastest 100m runner in the country, yet I’ve not seen anything to suggest that this is even remotely true, and when ever they actually race a sprinter they get creamed.

After reading this thread, and the one regarding Bolt, I enlisted the opinions (without telling them what it was about) of some football fans, who were obviously clueless about track.

They thought it made sense that Bolt took 4.35 seconds to hit 40y in Berlin while setting the 100m WR, and the fastest guys in the NFL are under 4.4 (or about the same as Bolt in the 40y).

The reason for these similar times making sense to them was that Bolt was pacing himself during the 100m WR, so he could run faster over a 40y than he did with his 9.58. They though Bolt would win by maybe a couple tenths, depending on who it is, though they weren’t sure.

This a tiny bit off topic but… I love how rajon rondo(Boston celtics gaurd) calls out chris Johnson and said he ran a 3.9 in highschool or college. Then CJ says how he’s doing it for publicity, isn’t CJ doing the same with saying he can beat Bolt?