Tyson Gay 9.78 -0.4m/s WL

37km/hr is not under 10sec. It is girl speed. How the heck can you calculate 37km/hr from a fossil footprint anyway?

You can’t, but no matter. I am curious as to what Shaq’s stride length is :).

Occasionally after a 100m or 200m race you’ll see the average speed shown, which is almost always less than 37km/hr. Perhaps these scientists that deduced a 37km/hr running speed were not clever enough to realize that one cannot go from 0 to 37km/hr in zero time.

The following races have been more than 37km/hr average.:

9.58 Bolt
9.69 Gay
9.69 Bolt
9.71 Gay
9.72 Bolt
9.72 Powell

19.19 Bolt
19.30 Bolt
19.32 Johnson.

Wanted to come back to this, when I said sprinting is not natural, I think my statement was blown out of context. What I meant was that sprinting seems to be some kind of emergency function that is to be utilized to escape from some kind danger and it’s only in modern times that we have made a sport out of the use of this emergency function. However, just taking a cursory view, the human body was not designed to survive from sprinting alone as you see with the cheetah. If that were the case humans would be much faster over all, and I would imagine that tendons, energy systems, and so forth, would be much more highly developed on average.

37km/hour = 10.2777meteres per second.

In 10 seconds you will cover 102meters.

You were wrong in part one 37km/hr is under 10s.

Read rainy’s post.

I did and replied to mortac8, girls speed he called it.