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Charlie in this download you gave a very brief sample of what an indoor workout may look like, I’m curious what a typical week may have looked like for your athletes during this period?

Could spilt runs still be done during this period, for example 2x3x70 at sub max?

What type of athlete are we talking about? Your example could be used, either early in the L-to-S model for a 100/200 type, middle for a 200/100 type and later in a 400/200 type but it would probably occur in SPP2 of a S-to-L plan for a 200 or 200/400 type after the indoor competition season.
The exact location within the SPP would be determined by working backwards through the SPP from the comp date and deciding how far up in distance the SPP will go.
[I assume you mean 2 x (3 x 70) with full recovery between sets]

Hi Charlie

Assuning an 8 week L-S SPP1. can you give me an example of a week 1-2 SPP1 sample speed sessions across the week? Starting at 300 to 400 meters and a week 7 or 8 SPP1 leading into competion please.
I an curious how the sessions alter. I understand your graph and the importance of filling the volume with starts, FEF or EFE etc as the cycle progresses. I am now a 38 year old veteran and do not find the S-L as effective as it once did. The professional circuit in Australia also starts with 300’s so it pretty much lends itself to a L-S structure.

Any help w:)ould be greatly appreciated.

Do you have the L-S template?

The volume of either approach and either end will depend on your capacity going in.
As your instinct tells you to go with L-to-S, that’s where to start. The next step is to think about what you did in the previous training year, even if it was S-to-L. How tolerable was it?
If it was stressful throughout, you need an easier progression, and, if not, a similar progression.
Typically (but not specifically!!), a L-to-S SPP might start with 2 x 300, moving to 300,200, 250, 200, then ending around 250 as a single SE run before competition. The SE would likely occur once a week for a masters athlete.
You’d like to keep the overall speed training volume fairly level until the final two weeks where the speed vol would drop.


No I do not have the Long to short template.


Thank you for your reply.

So if I was to do SE once a week would you suggest 0-60m speed for the second hi intensity day for the week? For a masters athlete would you suggest 2 CNS sessions a week instead of 3?. if I was to do 3 a week I presume you would recommend SE1 for 1 day, 0-60m speed for day 2 and SE1 for the 3rd session of the week?


In my training journal, I use a L-S for my longer sprint athletes. Will give you idea of a possible set up.


If you have two high intensity days, then yes, up to 60m and occasionally 80m but with three high intensity days, one very short, max 30m, one SE, and one combination day with a few starts and a very limited number of runs out to 80m
in any masters program, the number of runs must be carefully controlled and will always be lower than what is appropriate for a younger athlete. Even though the younger athlete can create a higher CNS output, it becomes more of a muscular and tendon issue for masters.

on that basis do you think S-L may be more suitable for Masters even those who may have done L-S previously?

Not necessarily- individuals need to concentrate on their strengths, whichever form that might take

thanks charlie

you are not wrong about tendon and muscle issues as you get older. what would be your choice of supplements to assist with tendons etc considering my verterin age.

Thanks ESTI

I will give it a try.

Charlie for many years I have adopted your methods with my own sprint training and have also applied it with the professional rugby legue players I coach to great success. Now as a veterin due the inability to recover as I once could combined with tendon and muscle issues Ifind I cannot follow up high intensity days with low intensity days. what would you suggest I do in place of tempo. I have been doing some wayer running and cardio eqipment with push ups and sit ups.

I assume you mean water running- that’s a great way to keep the load down on muscle and tendon and works fine as a substitute.

For sure, I’d try glucosamine and chondroitin along with Omega 3s

How often would you perform 80’s if the athlete is getting SE work from the meets every week, in this case would you stick with 60’s only?

Bump for Charlie.

Prob wouldn’t do 80 cause you have what you need in the meets, leaving short starts and accel work and prob sub max 150s etc

Dumb question, when you say short starts are you talking about 30m block starts or shorter starts 10-20m? Also with acc work is this 30m block starts or 60m runs?