SPP question

Not dumb- 10 to 30m starts

So no fast-sub max 60’s similar to what BJ did?

This week I have a Friday meet:

Mon: starts and 3x150 submax
Wed: starts and 3-4x60 40m int limit
Fri: 100/200 finals only race

You are now talking about outdoors comps each weekend, something Ben never had after high school. All of Ben’s meets tended to be groupsed into blocks, two to three days apart or usually separated by several weeks. Ben’s sub-max 60s were indoors (not uncoincidentally, as far as we could go indoors anyway!)

Thanks, I remember you going over BJ plan in edmonton download. I shouldnt be concern about the absent of speed work (60’s) in the program? I had a friend who did a similar plan tons of 150, 200,300 and got slower, his SE improved but his short speed got worst.

The mid-week runs are sub-max as your weekend meets are the real Speed and SE.

I understand now, if most of my outdoor meets are on Friday could 3x30+2-3x150 (the 150’s would decrease as I get closer to my bigger meets to a single rep) sub max be done on Monday and allow for enough recovery etc?

Also as you may know I am training through my early meets since I missed some time towards the end of indoor with the hamstring injury, for example I have a Friday meet this week and will cont training hard (150 one day and 60’s the other day).

Cheers Charlie

Yes water running. I do quite a bit of it with the rugby league players as well. I find I can achieve the flushing effect without knocking around there legs too much.

Just be very careful.

After thinking over everything last night, I made the changes you recommended…

Hello I have a questions about SPP preparation where Charli mentioned that Ben’s SPP preparation for 1985 was started with 4x(6x60m) and went to 4x60m and during 1988preparation Ben started with 3x(4x60m) and ended with 4x60m.

  1. I would like to know the percentages of 60m for that volume. For 3x4 is probably faster and for 4x6 slower, but 95% vers. 90%, or 85%?

  2. The cycle of preparation where 4weeks preparation is devided for 1, 2, 3, 1. Is it for example intensity same but volum is higher? Let’s say 3x4x60m/ 4x4x60m/ 5x4x60m/ 3x4x60m (90%)

Or is it like volume is same but the changes are with intensity?

I looked at the Charlie model from Vencouver 2004 and the volumes were going down… How is it with model 1+2+3+1 in this example?

Thanx for answers…


I’ve been following a s-L similar to the van charts with some minor changes.

So far the first 3 weeks have been great. Next week starts the first de-load week (wk 4) Each week has seen PRs, even at 95% effort (mostly from relaxation vs trying so hard).

We have planned 2 x 4 wk blocks (3+1) with wk 9 being two testing days, which are considered extremely important.

Is the week 8 de-load week enough of a taper effect for a possible peak in week 9? It would be a modified week 8:

all 30m accels are 20yd accels, and the speed limits are 10m less than stated. The SE work had a base of only one set of 3 in wk 1-3.

What level are the athletes and what are the volumes like on the high and low intensity work?

Depending on the extent of the deload and what you’re deloading from, that should be plenty of taper to get pretty significant effects. If we’re talking about younger athletes like I believe you work with (high school), that might be all you need from a deloading standpoint really.

Whatever you do, if you’re consistently getting PRs, don’t change things too much regardless of what is ‘supposed’ to be correct. If the PRs are across the board, consistent, and people are staying healthy, just stick to the plan.

Bump and update…

Finished 3rd week and saw more PRs. This is rare for me since this athlete trains, and chills at home, then trains with me again, and chills some more. No interference from outside factors etc. He is able to go through lots of recovery methods like microstretching, mineral salt baths, hot colt showers, massage, foam rolling, heat cream, and chiropractic.

We have yet to have set dates of his pro days. I anticipate them to be in the next 5 weeks-6 weeks.

Charlie, during the “comp” period of a typical SPP1 with meets every few days, what might a workout in between “races” consist of? I’d guess sub max work, and am curious how you manage intensity limits and volumes

Right now our schedule is
Tues (speed), Thur (speed/tempo after), Fri (agility, position drills).

With meets crammed together, all running work between is sub max though it is possible to lift fairly heavy for very few reps with upper body only.

Another update, today it seemed he cramped (I hope, and not a pull). Taking precaution for 7-10 days. Send four week block will have to be modified. Not sure how yet. Will see how treatment goes.

Just when everything was going so great…:mad:

I bought inside the spp and i have the appendix where it shows the phase I speed progression graph for a short to long program. Under Monday It has a speed endurance column, it has an intensity limit column, and to the right of the intensity limit column it has another column. I can’t read what the title is, but under it it has 4x30 for example on week 1. It is highlighted in yellow. Does anybody know what the title of this column is?

I’m not sure specifically about the appendix from Inside the SPP (though I have it) but the SPP S to L chart (pretty sure we are talking about the same chart) I have next to the int. limit is Strength endurance-A runs aka running As for the indicated distances wk 1) 4 x 30 wk 2) 5 x 30 wk 3)6 x 30 and so on.

okay…thank you. you hit the nail on the head…that’s exactly what i wanted to know.