5x5 in the Max phase

By the way, if I do Clean Pulls on Monday, will they interfer with doing Chins or Rows on Tuesday?

I’m gonna lift lower body and upperbody twice per week during GPP. Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri with Wed as Tempo.

Any critque on my upper body days? As I said before, need to add some mass to my whole body.

  1. Benchpress 3x10
  2. DB row 3x10
  3. Arm Circuit x 2:
    a) 10 Bicep Curls
    b) 10 Triceps Extensions
  4. Abs Circuit x 2:
    a) 15 Med ball Reverse crunches
    b) 25 Sprinter Situps
    c) 20 Med ball Seated rotated twist
    d) 25 Toe Touches
  5. Tempo 20sek@65-75%, 30sek rest x 8 on bike

The abs workout is good but the other exercises are not so good I thing.The only power exercise who build strenght and mass for upper boddy in your program is bench press.I thing you must do other exercises who build mass and strenght for upper body i mean-clean,snatch(for this 2 exercises you need a good technic and good warm up),millitary press or some showder press,chins or lat pull down,lower back extensions(this you make do with abs in superrsets)and then if you want do exercises for biceps and triceps(standing barbell curl is heavy exercise and for triceps some exercise with barbell-french press or cabell,or bench press for triceps)but the arms are not very important I thing.You dont need of big arms…this is it…try if you want but do first heavy exercise and then others…1-snatch,2-bench press,3-millitary press, and then the arms exercise and if you want do one day snatch the second day do clean!!!

Yes man I try to do a good diet I start with 95-96kg,after the diet 90,but then finish the diet and I am again 95kg and i nave a good definition,low body fat…I have 95kg good muscle and for me only way is to stop muscle hipertrofy.the training with 3reps is not good for me because any lifting pumped my muscles dosnt matter how many reps I do…I lifting weights for 10 years and not so easy to stop hipertrofy…

Okey, but I forget to mention that the other day of upper body I do Benchpress and Chin-ups instead of rows, and on the Lower Body days I do Clean Pulls (Power Clean without catch phase from hang position). That hits the shoulders as well so I thought I wouldn’t wanna drain the shoulders with 4 days per week. But you still think I need more shoulder exercises on upper body days?

I thing yes!You need to training showders with one exercise in one of the two upper days,you make use millitary press or some form of press for showders!

Okey :slight_smile: What are your thoughts on this routine:

Tuesday / Thursday

  1. Benchpress 3x10
  2. Chins x 6,5,4 / DB Rows 3x10 (different days)
  3. Circuit x 2:
    a) 15 Med ball Reverse crunches
    b) 10 Biceps Curls
    c) 25 Sprinter Situps
    d) 20 Med ball Seated rotated twist
    e) 10 Triceps Extension
    f) 25 Toe Touches
    g) 10 DB Military Press
  4. Tempo

I’d recommend either dropping the direct arm work or at least putting at the end of the circuit. If you do enough effective multi-joint/compound exercises, there is likely little to no need for isolation movements unless at the end of the circuit. No sense, IMHO, doing a multi joint exercise like a mil. press(even if just with dumbbells) after doing a biceps exercis and later a triceps exercise.

Okey, then maybe just skip it then and let the others stay still in the circuit, and move DB Military Press in to the middle of it.

In the SPP can I do a circuit every 1-2 of training days (2 out 3 days if I train 3, and 1 out of 2 if I train 2) to keep strength levels (other than the 3-4 main lifts)? Including stuff like upright rows, db military press, ab work, chin-ups in this SPP circuit…

You probably could but would it be best? I would think not since if there is enough intensity and sufficient volume to develop strength and power levels it might lead to an over-trained state.

I would think the circuits would better serve development done more in the gpp and not as much in the spp though I know some programs will do so.

3-4 major lifts should provide plenty of stimulus to promote strength gains.

If done correctly you shouldn’t have any issues with the weight lifting circuits in SPP… Be Smart!!!

Originally posted by Pioneer
You probably could but would it be best? I would think not since if there is enough intensity and sufficient volume to develop strength and power levels it might lead to an over-trained state.

I would think the circuits would better serve development done more in the gpp and not as much in the spp though I know some programs will do so.

3-4 major lifts should provide plenty of stimulus to promote strength gains

I completely agree with pioneer, once you are done with your gpp and move onto a max strength phase, almost all of the “special exercises” should be dropped and the only things that should be kept are 2 major lifts (bench and squat) and maybe one more multi-joint lift for your upper and lower body (rows/pulldowns, SLD/hypers). The idea here is to dedicate all your resources and CNS to strength. Once the muscle is there, you no longer need the curls, tricep extensions, and other specific exercises to build strength, they will only waste your energy and hold you back

But under accumulation I’m planning to cut down the main exercises to 3, and then incorporate 3 isolation lifts since I need mass in these areas, especially the hamstrings since I’m quad dominant and anterior pelvic tilt. Maybe I’ll just do them in some sort of circuit and do these last if I can stand it. But maybe not all the High days. So I’m defenitely not gonna take that one away, but the Biceps and Triceps, maybe. We’ll see how much I can do.
under the max phase I will drop these 3 though.

Why military press is last?This is the power exercise and you wrong if do it last in your routine!If you want try to do 1st upper body day bench press the 2nd day do millitary press or if you want to do it in one day do 1st bench press and 2nd millitary press,and I dont see clean in your program or snatch.Biceps and triceps you make do after basic exercises(bench,cleans,millitary) with 2-3 supersets!
1st day:1-snatch,2-bench press,3-chins,4-biceps+triceps.
2nd day:1-clean,2-millitary press,3-DB rows,4-biceps+triceps
If you want to do in one day:1-snatch or clean(2nd day),2-bench press,3-millitary press,4-chins or DB rows(2nd day),5-biceps+triceps!You make do incline bench press in 2nd day!

This is Upper body, I do Clean Pulls, which is a Hang Power Clean without the catch phase on Lower Body days (Monday,Thursday).

I’m planning on doing Accum phase after like this:

Med ball throws

  1. Good Mornings 4x8@70%
  2. Clean Pulls 3x6
  3. Legcurl 4x8
  4. Benchpress 4x8@80%
  5. Short Circuit:
    a)DB Military Press 2x8
    b)Seated Rows 2x8
    c)Split Squat 2x8
    d)Chins 2x5


The reason why I’m not doing squats for main lift and why I prioritize Leg Curl high is because I’m Quadriceps Dominant and Anterior Pelvic Tilt. So I need to fix the ratio between Ham and Quads before I start doing Squats alot again. So I’m NOT gonna remove Leg Curl or Good Mornings. Though I was thinking about your opionon on the Circuit, do you think I could include it for the Accumulation Phase? Will drop it under the Max Phase.

Are you just lifting or doing other forms of training as well? If so, then some isolation is probably fine but how much is actually needed if each of these areas that are being trained in isolation are being used quite a bit during compound exercises?

For most people, I would not think the inclusion of a few isolation exercises is going to impact hypertrophy to any significant degree. I (simply opinion) have typically been of the belief that if an isolation exercise is to be included it might be only one per session with only 2-3 total sets being necessary, if that.

If you want mass in those areas you have indicated, do more exercises that are still compound/multi-joint which may emphasize a particular area a bit more for example-do some of your bench sets with a close grip or dips/bench dips to get a bit more triceps work. Do more sets of chin-ups instead of pull-ups for 3-4 weeks (and early enough in the session to make them an effective choice) which may work the biceps a little more directly.

For the hams/glutes just emphasize along with back squats(perhaps even more of a low bar/power squat) more rdls/glute ham raises or the good mornings you have listed instead of leg curls.

It may not even be necessary to try to adjust an entire program for perceived imbalances that may not even represent an actual need/requirement.

A few ideas.

Place the clean pulls ahead of the good mornings as there is usually a higher skill and speed requirement for those. Then go bench and then leg curl-if you need those.

On your circuit do your split squats first then the chins then the db mil press and finally the rows. I might even flip the first two as I’ve felt that even if you can knock out quite a few reps in one set that one should fairly fresh for bodyweight exercises like chins but most likely I’d do the SS first since it is likely going to affect more total muscle mass though it might be close. Next I’d prefer to do the db mil. press so that you are spreading the workload around the body in consecutive exercises. That is, you are doing a lower body ex. then an upper body pull and then an upper body press. I’d like to split the chins and rows up since I feel that you might get less from them if you followed up a back ex. with another back ex.-just a personal choice.

1)split squats 2)chins 3)db mil press 4)seated rows.

I could see, a case for switching 3 and 2 also but I’d still choose this order. Perhaps what you need more of at any given point in the training career would dictate such choices.

Thanks for your response!

Since I’m doing one Hip Extension and one Knee Flexion exercise, both with slow eccentric phases and explosive concentric phase, I feel that Leg Curl has it’s place for fixing this.
I feel that it’s crucial to fix this if I dont wanna pull hamstrings and if I want to run a lot faster since I’m currently using my Quads for sprinting.

How about doing this then:

  1. Clean Pulls 3x6
  2. Good Mornings 4x8
  3. Bench 4x8
    Short circuit:
    a) Split Squat 2x8
    b) DB Military 2x8
    c) Leg curl 2x8
    d) Chins/Rows 2x6/2x8 (alternating each training day)

If only do sprints and then only Hip Extension exercises in the weight room for the hams, how would this affect em’ (in a medical and injury view)?
And also, I do need hypertrophy for them and leg curls do help for that. It’s not like they’re useless!

I think you could satisfy all of your needs with an RDL or glute-ham raise. I’m not completely opposed to leg curls I am just of the belief that if you can accomplish a task using free weights or bodyweight + any needed external weight as in a GHR (which I like to think of in terms of being a lower body pull-up), that is the way to go.

Further on leg curls I don’t know how much they really contribute to hamstring mass as there are many athletes who have superior hamstring development from sprinting and multi-joint exercises that a large degree of hamstring contribution to the execution of the lifts. I’ve never found the leg curl to be necessary in the training of any athlete I’ve ever seen. That is, I think there are better tools for accomplishing the goal of hypertrophy of the hams than leg curls.

I like your order for the clean pulls, gm and bench. I could see an argument for splitting up the total body exercises like the cp and gm with the bp but I prefer the order you have listed.

On the circuit, I’d just say to be very careful to not let intensities creep into too high of a range so as to not compromise the high days and those exercises even though I’d prefer not to do the circuit in the first place.

With regards to ordering I’d think 1)ss 2)chins 3)db mil press 4)leg curls might be best though I could see an argument to be made for switching 3 and 4 to split up the lower and the upper work. On the chins again, I think they should come fairly early since being a bit more fatigued can really compromise gettting the reps you might be seeking.

I only asked about the other exercises to see if you really are only lifting then perhaps more volume is necessary if that is your only means. How much volume are you talking about with regards to the sprinting? Any plyos or med ball throws?

Thanks again, very good response :slight_smile: Appreciate it!

I was thinking to put the circuit on Mondays and Fridays, if I’ll have High/Speed days on Mon, Wed, Fri. Or I will have the circuit once a week on Mondays and not on the other high day which would be Thursday.
I’m also gonna manipulate the % of the RM on all days for the MAIN lifts, maybe Monday high, Wednesday Low, Friday High. How would you put these?

So is your suggestions to remove the Leg Curl and maybe add Natural Glute Ham Raises or just remove both of these? Then just stick to GM’s, Clean Pulls, Sprinting and Med Ball throws since these will all work the hams in one way or another, which actually would make sense since this is a lot of volume already for the hams I suppose.

Maybe like 3-5 starts/sprints per session on speed days, and 2 runs on endurance days, followed by 10-12 Med Ball Throws on each speed day before going into weights.

I was thinking 1-2 speed days, and 1 speed endurance day per week.

Since I feel like I would at least want to fit in the Split Squat and maybe Chin-ups, how should I do this if I remove this circuit? How about doing cp, gm and bp for all high days, and then finishing each session with either chins or split squat (mon chins 2x5, wed split squats 2x8, fri chins 2x5)?