discal problems

hi to all of you!!
I’m an amateur sprinter 45 years old and recently, due to back problems, doctors have found discal protrusion.
Can you give me some advice on relief techniques, if there are some?
I usually do Active isolated stretching can it help me?
Thank for the help:cool:

Does it hurt to bend both forward and backward? Try to avoid any extreme spinal flexion or extension or any at all.

Spend time stretching the psoas, quads, hamstrings, glutes, piriformis, etc. Also do some foam rolling on those areas as well.

What you could also do is hang from a pullup bar, you may be able to find some relief doing that. It helps me at times.

It’s extremely difficult to bend especially forward.
Thanks for the advices!!:cool:


Read over this article, it’s very similar to what my DC had recommended to me. These are McKenzie exercises. I was able to find some relief when I had my back injury.

The best thing you can do is see a therapist who knows what he or she is doing.

The McKenzie exercises will definitely help, but how unloaded your training will need to be is individually dependent, and could be a case of working around the issue, or being completely unloaded other than walking for an initial amount of time.

Assuming it’s worse in the morning it might be an idea to put your socks on the night before, and use shoes you can slip on rather than bend down to put on.

Soft tissue release around the entire hip, low back will reduce referred pain via spasms etc.

And avoid long periods of sitting were possible, get up and walk every 30-45 minutes were possible.