Rips Training Journal

Allergies flared up again, so FML.
But I still went to open gym today, and I think it was good for me.
Played Basketball for 1.5 hours, like 20 minutes of conditioning Sad.
Then we went and lifted;

Bench 95 3x4, light
Squat 260x3, could have easily gotten 5
Push Jerk 95x4, shoulders were dead
DB Shrugs 60x8

Squat 1x5 135, 165x5, 185x5, 225x5, 260x5
BSS 2x5 135
18" step up 1x2 135, 1x2 155, wayyy too light
Seated Leg Curl 75 2x4
Pendulum Hip Extension 130 2x10
Calf Raise 230x20, 180 2x20, wide foot position
Dorsiflexion work, 25 3x20 per leg

are you going to do this anytime soon? im interested to see what youll run with your jumping ability

Well I was planning on doing it, but my allergies got really bad, and I just put it off. Last week I ran some 40yd dashes on concrete. 4.8 was fastest, but I felt it all in quads, so I don’t think I ran too good. Usually I feel it in my pchain, to the point of cramping once I rest. Sometime soon I’ll go down to the track and do some sprints; anywhere from 2-6 weeks from now. Probably the former, once I’m done gaining some more strength.

Allergies flared up again, felt shitty, but still lifted. I feel good when I move around, or eat, or just have fun, but when I have “down-time” the symptoms come back.

Squat: 4x5 225

On last set I squatted shoulder width, and it felt good. I think I’ll use that stance from now on.

DB Row 3x8 60

Felt very light and easy

Calf Raise 1x20 190, 1x60 90

The 60 reps killed me, I did them in sections; 20 reps, rest 10 seconds, so on.

Curlz n da Skwat Raqk 1x 65, 1x8 75

I felt embarrassed squatting in the power rack.

Hamstring Curls 2x8 70

Got my hammies sore

Pendulum Hip Extension 2x8 150

Hit glutes nicely

Close Grip Bench 125 3x6
Low Bar Squat 135 3x6
Jerk 95 3x6
Leg Curl 55 3x6
Incline Bench 90 3x6
DB Chest Fly 35 3x6

Just to give a broad prediction:

I Broad Jump a little over 8 feet with no practice. So based on that I should run sub 12…

Hard work

Deadlift 3" deficit: 225 2x3, 245 3x3
Bulgarian Split Squat: 155 3x5
Calf Raise: 200 3x15
Overhead Press: 70x5, 80x5, 90x5

Easy work

Chinup: 2x10
Dip: 2x10
Pushup on bosu ball: 2x15
Decline Crunches: 25x5, 50x5
Reverse Leg Press: 165x10
Dorsiflexion: 25 2x20/leg

Squat 245 5x5
Calf Raise 270 5x5
Pushups 25 4x10
DB Row 65 3x8

OHP 95 3x8
Bench 95 3x8 lol
Squat 205 3x3

Bench 95x5
Close Grip Bench 95x10
Dips 2x12
Chinup 12
One Arm Chinup 5

Worn out. I actually played hard today at basketball, lol.

Squat 260 3x5 5 minute rest
12" step up 185x6 205x6 225x6 40lb pr
Bench 120 4x5
Row 75 2x8
Calf Raise 320 3x10

Squat 225x11, could have gotten 13 but didn’t want to hurt the rest of the workout
RDL 225 5x5
1/4 Squat 275 3x6
Single Leg Calf Raise 90x10, 140 2x10
Row 150 2x8
Back Extension 150 2x10 190x5

Squat 260 5x5 + 2 sets
12" step up 245 2x6 + 20lbs 2xbw!!!
RDL 185x10 205x10 205x5, was exhausted from squats and step ups
Calf Raise 360 2x10 +40lbs
Split Stance Cable Push 2x8 25
Split Stance Cable Pull 2x8 30, 35
Jump Squat 60 2x15

Weight: 146 +6lbs

Bench 140 5x5
Row 150 3x10
Pushup 35 2x15
Chinup 10 2x10
Ab Rollouts 2x6
Split Stance Cable Chop 2x8
Split Stance Cable Lift 2x8


Squat 225 1x15 2x5 + 4 reps
RDL 245 5x5 + 20lbs
1 leg calf raise 2x180 + 90lbs
Ran for about 20 minutes

The 225 squat for 15 reps would put me at 365 squat, which I know can’t be right…

Woke up this morning, didn’t feel amazing, but didn’t feel shitty; I was leaning more towards the shitty side though. I decided I’d still go and squat, it was a similar scenario to last time i tested.

Squat 320x1 330x0 I’m sure I can hit 330. I had it but I failed like as soon as I got out of the hole. 320 tired me out.
Step up 255 1x5
Lat Pulldown 3x10 180
Split Stance Cable Push 30 2x8
Split Stance Cable Pull 42.5 2x8

In 5 weeks, my squat has gone from from 305 to 320, but probably 330. So a 15-25 lb gain. Great results.

OHP 95 5x5
Bench 115 3x3
Row 160 3x10
Pullup 20 2x6
Pushup rollout 2x7
Ab rollout 2x8
Split Stance Cable Chop 60 2x8
Split Stance Cable Push 40 2x8

I did some jumps before and after lifting. I was getting up good off one leg; hovering around the 40" area.

Squat 3x5 275 most if ever done for 5 reps.
12" Step Up 3x6 245 moderate weight
Bench 3x5 150
Row 3x5 180

My left heel kills me whenever i try to jump…

Basketball practice 9-11:30 am


Squat 225 3x5 Hamstrings touching calves
Bench 145 3x8
Power Clean 115 2x4

Just some notes;

When you have a point guard that’s a D1 prospect as a Junior guarding you, it can really bring out some glaring weaknesses; I need to get my left hand a lot better, my right hand is great. I need to get quicker and also need to gain some weight; I though I was already really quick. I need to get under control more, but that will come with experience.

Right Hand Dribbling
Crash Boards
Leaping Ability

Left Hand Dribbling; relatively speaking
Strength/Weight; I’m strong as a hell relatively, but need more mass; F=MA
Blocking Out Guys Bigger Than Me
Body Control at times
Quickness; compared to Starting PG
Defense on great guards
Left Hand all around

Injury Prone:
Left Hamstring
Left Heel
Right Something; right above the hips on side

My weaknesses outnumber my strengths, but my strengths outweigh my weakness by a ton. I could go to most schools and get great minutes on varsity, if not be a starter. But when you’re playing for an amazing school, its tough if you’re not built for basketball.

All in All this should be an interesting year and It should be a good one. I can only get better.

This summer didn’t go as planned with all the injuries, but next year it will be a different story. This year I worked on my jump shot for most of July, got hurt and the shot went down some, it’s still really good. Next summer, once I start training, I’m going to work hard on shooting, left hand, scoring and getting better at defense until I feel they’re are all top notch. Once I’ve achieved that I can work on the minor details like rebounding, finishing, etc. And from that point I’ll fine tune everything and reevaluate myself and continue from there.