Rips Training Journal

I have a log at various forums on the internet and thought since I’m going to start getting into track I should start one here to get some help and feedback.


Age: 15
Height: 5’7
Weight: 140
Body Fat: 10%


Vertical Jump: 32"
Running Vertical Jump 45"

Squat: 300
Deadlift: 335-350
Bench: 185


Weight: 150
Vertical Jump: 38"-40"
Running Vertical Jump: 48"
11’s 100m
Squat: 360
Bench: 200+

August 10, 2009:
The first two are from last night, the other two are from before I got hurt.

Haven’t lifted in about a month because I’ve been injured a lot, so I’m starting my squat low and building back up.

Shot 300 shots

Squat 2x5 225
18" Step Up 5x2 115
Leg Curl 4x8 60lbs
Calf Raise 5x5 320
Chinups 1x15, 1x10; chinups fatigue my biceps badly
Pushups 2x15 25lbs
Back Extension 3x8 50lbs
Ab Hold 2x30s
Ankle Rehab 2x10
Jump Rope 4x100; Had to stop because of I got a stitch in my side

Damn you are alive after taking 300 shots? What were you drinking, patron?

Oh, sorry I just copied and pasted it from a different site. I play basketball so they were 300 jump shots.

Bench 1x3 145
DB OHP 2x8 35?
DB Row 3x8 40
Curls 2x10 30
Tricep Ext. 2x10 40

Dude you should be training for high jump with that kind of running vertical. It would also be much more complimentary to basketball I believe, or at least to dunking thats for sure.

You should have no problems clearing 2m with the right technique. Screw running 11s in the 100m, high jump 2.20m, that would be worthwhile.

Although at 5’7" it might be a stretch(although you’re probably not done growing yet) it wouldnt be impossible.

Hah thanks.
The problem is, I jump off of both feet; which is illegal in HJ. I’ve thought about doing it though because I get around 40" off one but I figured I was too short for it.
I think I’ll look into it though, if I do I’ll probably ask Adam Linkenauger for some advice:

You could easily train jumping off of one. I was in the same boat for a while, could only jump off of both, but its just a matter of training. I literally practiced once and got my running vertical on one foot up to where my running vertical is on two feet. It’s all about coordination.

Full Squat 280x0!! Lost 20-25lbs since I’ve gotten hurt!
Half Squat 245 2x1 I suck at these
Walking Lunges 3x8 40 DB destroyed grip
One Leg Calf Raise 3x10 30lb

(expletive)ing stoked!
Was with friends and didn’t plan on dunking, etc. but they wanted me to. So I decided to, I figured I wouldn’t make any because I felt like (expletive). Instead I was getting up great; 44-46" no doubt! I was throwing down cockback/tomahawk hybrids like crazy. That’s a dunk i was working on 9’2 with this past week. (expletive) was crazy, I was jumping TFB level!

Squat 195 4x9
Pullups 3x10
Push Ups 3x25, left leg was shaking like crazy.
I never do squat reps above 5…

Squat 205 5x7 Was really easy and going up really fast
DB Bench 40 3x8
DB OHP 35 3x8
DB Row 50 3x8

Did some dunks on 8’3; about 20. Jumped about 35" max, very light jumps. But it’s the highest I’ve ever jumped after squatting.

Looking good.


Squat 7x5 220

Hardest day, but not too hard. Last set was worst though, still went up fast.

Squat 10x3 235; most draining day yet :confused:
Pushups 4x25
Wide Pullups 3x10
Lat Pulldown 3x10 140

Did about 30-40 dunks on 8’3
Avg about 35" probably hit 40" a few times.
Best I have ever jumped after squatting.

I figured for some proof I’d post some dunks from early July. It was outside so these are between 40-43 inches.

is 8’3 the net height? is that a 10 foot rim in the picture?

I dont know what net is, its around 9’ though. Rim is 10

I only dunk on 8’3 at the gym because one of the rims is that low and I don’t feel like raising it. Also I’m letting my ankle heal. But in a few weeks I’ll post new dunks on 10’

Squat 4x9 215
Calf Raise 170 3x10 really easy
DB Bench 45 3x8
DB OHP 35 3x8
DB row 60 3x8

Afterwards I was flying. Got around 42, and 40 avg. On the 8’3 rim I got my neck to it. I did a 2 foot dunk from the freethrow line (Tdub esque)
Tried some dunks from an oop on 10’, timing was bad and so was oop so i missed them. But I was getting around 6-7 inches above rim.
Despite this being high freq squats meant to destroy me, I’m responding amazingly to it. Jumping 42" after squatting during this program is unbelievable.