Speed endurance and weights

Hi guys,

Now that I’m leaning my training more into CFTS, I began to wonder how the lifting part should be carried out best on a speed endurance day. I used to dedicate two full separate days for heavy lifting in my regular schedule. However, in CFTS it’s suggested that lifting should be combined with high CNS days ie. speed and SE days.

Speed+weights sounds very doable, but I’m wondering how you guys combine lifting with SE days. Let’s say an example SE session would be 2x300m 95% - I highly doubt I could afterwards on the same day do any weight training that would improve my strength levels. Then again, if the lifting would be AM and speed endurance PM, the gym session would undoubtedly hurt the SE, would it? Maybe upper body training wouldn’t be so taxing…

I was thinking about going with the 2x speed, 1x SE basic week schedule and lifting lower body weights on speed days, upper body on the SE day. Is it ok? How are you guys combining lifting and speed endurance training?

For example - Simple Plan:

3-4x30 sled
3-4x30 blocks
Bench press 3x3
Stepups 3x5 (optional)

2x20 standing
2x20 blocks
2x300 or 200-180-150 etc Rest 20-30mins
Cleans 5x2
Rows 3x8 (optional)

2x30 standing
4x60 blocks
Squats 3x3
Bench press 332

RB34: Do you have a good remedy to prevent stiffness when taking 30min breaks? I tighten up when i take a long break like that.

I normally lay down for 10-15mins then get up and start moving around (tempo runs etc).

Walk/jog 3-5min
Stretch 5-7min
Spikes on jog 1-2 laps
Strides 20-30m
Lie and shake legs
Couple pogo jumps

20-30min is when heat is warm and you are in really good shape. Also remember the faster you are the longer you need to recover.
If it’s cold reduce the rest, and if you tend to tighten, you can shake your legs, have a walk, stretch, toward the end of the rest a few drills like butt kicks and one easy acceleration.

As for weights, they are done after, because if there’s something to be drop, it’s better to drop the weights than the sprint.

Thanks, looks very nice! So in your opinion it’s best to train both upper and lower body in all weight sessions and not divide those eg. into 2x lower and 1xupper body sessions per week?

Should I do both running and lifting in the same single session or split them into AM running and PM lifting?

that is ideal but not always practical. Remember weights are additional to track work.

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I would run and lift in the same session. Inseason I prefer to do total body lifting sessions to limit the stress on the CNS, if you wanna split the sessions up you could.

Bench press 4x3
Rows 3x8

Cleans 4x2
Squats 3x2-3

Bench press 332
Pullups 3x10

Don’t limit yourself. The suggestions above are just that. Find what suits you. If you used to dedicate two days to the weight room only, then you could start by trying doing weights after speed days only. If it’s too much and you need to split things, I would start by adding upper body only work after the SE sessions. The reason being you seem to just start practising CF sessions, meaning the SE workouts may be tough for you to start with intensity-wise and your legs will need a break initially. But again, be progressive and try a few changes and of low magnitude -always bear in mind what you used to do until now. E.g., you may find later on that any weights after SE sessions are just fine vs. after speed days, as hopefully the CNS stress on the latter ones will be higher eventually, making gym work an on-the-spot decision! Good luck!

Why would he start out with SE work anyways if the system is new to him. CF mention before that SE work is less intense vs doing 6x60, the athlete should be able to recover quicker. Also when the athlete is doing SE work the wts are usually in maint (2x6 or 2-3x2-3) so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Because of my new job I have access to a great weight room while at work. I am right now probably the strongest I have ever been overall. BP-330,sq-455, dead 455. I usually lift at 10:30am and dont hit the track until between 3 and 5pm. I am about to start a maintenance phase of lifting and drop some sets. Do yall think I had enough time to recover from my workouts before practice or should I save the weights for after the track.

In my experience I have been recently lifting before my speed workouts and have found it to be very beneficial. However my weight workouts are very limited in total volume and a low number of lifts.

Right now i do cleans and some rows and maybe some curls for the ‘am’ workout before speed in the afternoon. I find I am recharged after about 2-3 hours. So IMO your 10:30 lift and 3 oclock speed would work for ME.

But I am doing mostly 0-30 meter runs right now which is relatively easy to handle compared to maxv and SE runs. Not sure if this actually gives you any good feedback but its been working for me.

I actually feel that it is easier for me to warm up during my sprint sessions after wights. I had previously been doing alot of work in the weight room. Starting this week I will be significally cutting down my weight volume so I think I should be ok.

Oh I also do plyos in the weight room before I lift. I do about 50 various platform and depth jumps. I hav ebeen able to handle it so far.

I agree, my warm-ups are much shorter for the subsequent track work after the weights and i feel primed for the speed work. I do throw in 20-30 box jumps in the morning weights sections as well sometimes, but no depth jumps.

i’m sure when you taper down, things will balance off for you.

Eeeh, perhaps I replied to his SE question? By taking into account the ORIGINAL post and how the poster feels about dealing with specific sessions. I tend to take this seriously with athletes. In any case, I tried to be general and in no way would I prescribe specific exercises, reps and sets without knowing much more. And I don’t get your comment on SE and 6x60s; re-read the last sentence in my post, which makes your specific comment redundant. Lastly, are you sure you or the original poster will be on maintenance in the weight room, when SE work is done? And if this is the case, how do you distinguish then the CNS stress between sessions to regard one easier vs. the other? Take nothing for granted on others just because you have your own training philosophy.

Yup, I used to dedicate two full weight room days and additionally one upper body training in context of a tempo-like session. But they were quite heavy sessions consisting of two main lifts and several auxiliary lifts. Example of lower body training what I used to do could be something like:

back squat 3x6
single leg press 8-6-4-2-8
hamstring curl 3x8
RDL 2x8
barbell hip thrust 2x10
and some contrast plyos in between

Then when the in-season got closer I switched to power clean, jerk, plyos and dropped general lifts.

So all in all, this CF-like training is a big change for me. I’m quite strong already (bench press 310, power clean 300, back squat 420) but I’d be happy to get stronger of course.

Would it be a disaster if I kept lifting in the rep range 5-8 in the early SPP and later in the SPP start lifting 2-5? Also, the lifts that RB34 listed in the program - is that all I should do during the gym part of the session or could I take some additional lifts if I feel fresh?

You may have to compromise to some extent in terms of volume and/or time dedicated to the weight room, but don’t take it for granted that you won’t get stronger, on the contrary. As to the details, the best advice I can provide here is to be aware of what happens on the track, where progress should be continuous almost. The general guidelines you follow seem fine! :cool:

Interesting Thread.

For the past month all I did was lifting and tempo. Well, I was fooling around with the squat and got 585x6 on partial half squats (working top end) and 2 sets of regular squats @ 500x5 easy.

Started GPP with hill sprints of 4x20 and went into the gym about 1 hour later and could BARELY do 500x1 squat. I was so disappointed that I could loose so much strength.

Duplicate post

You didn’t LOSE anything. You were just tired.