June Skill Player Test Results

Test battery is an aggregate of Combine drills and Max Jones Quadrathlon

Metric results for jumps and throws.

Let me know if anyone is interested in viewing the standard results and I’ll post those as well.

This marks the end of the alactic power training block.

yeah post the standard results…thanks

Nice to see thumbnails working again! Yes.

  1. CB in the house. Who is that, Usain Bolt?

In all honesty, he has Jamaican bloodlines and based upon what I’ve seen since I’ve had him I’d wager that he has the ACTN3 gene.

When he first arrived in 07 2-3 timers got him at mid/low 4.5 (hand). Now, regardless who’s watch you look at he’s 4.2 high/4.3 low

I busted one of the gates on my laser which is why I’m going with hand times for now.

Will do. I’ve got those on my work computer (I’m home now) so I’ll post those up tomorrow.


Thanks for posting the info. I enjoy comparing other teams/programs to mine - even if they’re on different levels.
By the way, were all those hand times, or did you use a system (like Brower)…

All hand timed this test period.

Not sure if that is sarcasm, but for what its worth, ~80% of the population has the functional version of the ACTN3 gene. It really doesn’t mean much at all. I have worked on some studies with the gene and there is not much there at all. The media blowing things out of proportion…

Nice results!

Not sarcasm, it seems that I have been mislead by the buzz being linked to the Jamaicans.

When you get a chance, email me what you’ve got.

Here’s the standard results:

Wow, you have a stud tightend. He may be the next Veron Davis.

Yes, he is a physical beast. A few weeks ago he made 345lb/157kg x 7 in the bench press. Previous best 1RM is 405lb/185kg. His bodyweight is about 223lb/101kg.

His power index is 96.78 which, along with another WR of mine and only with respect to the explosive strength of the hip/knee extensors, places them amongst the elite of the elite at the Olympic throwing level.

Can you define, or give me a link to somewhere that defines power index?

Power Index = (square root of vertical jump in inches) multiplied by (square root of bodyweight in pounds)

I say inches and pounds because those are the standard measurements used to compute the scoring tables I’ve seen.

Why use vertical jump as that definition when likely neither group is training for vertical jump and the level of power output is significantly lower than in a medicine ball throw (or other type of throw), olympic lift, etc.?

Any index may be created, via the appropriate calculations, for a targeted application.

This particular power index has been accepted in T&F throwing circles for sometime and, as a result, I find it useful for comparing the physical preparation of my athletes to that of elite throwers; if only from the standpoint of their power output via hip/knee extension in the vertical plane.


Which throwing circles do you speak of? Within the US (elite shotputting capital)?

I ask because I don’t know of much, if any testing, among many of the most recent medalists and world champions in the shotput, some of whom do actually no vertical jump testing.

I first learned of the term some years ago via a lecture given by Jud Logan. I believe he learned of it through overseas resources; though I’m not certain.