Yes, that was when I was in HS. I KNOW I could have done more but I was SO SCARED of heavy weight on my back so I mainly did high reps with 225 and 360+or- on the leg press to failure. It seemed to help me deal with the pain in the 400.

Anyhow, yes I’m squatting 500 AND running and I can FEEL the difference. I mainly feel the difference when I run SE2’s where my strength seems to reside. I don’t seem to tire as quickly over the 450 meters and I feel that I have more of a reserve to tap into. Hmmm, I have read that a bigger muscle is a better buffer to lactic acid.

Anyhow, in about 2 weeks I have a single 350 SE to run so I think I might drag somebody out to time it.

ha, I’m doing it Jamaican style as I train on a dirt track which for me is more fun then training on a synthetic track. The bonus is I get to look and study my foot prints when I’m done.:cool:

I’m just posting this for guys that might be interested but yesterday was my first day in using the Mata Ray device for Max effort squats.The bar weight was 500lbs with 20lbs of chains on each side for 3 easy reps but my last two reps I should have went deeper( I feel).

Anyhow, today I can feel the soreness in places that I never felt before (upper back in a VERY specific area).You guys should try it; the device is only 50 bucks and it feels so snug on your traps.:cool:

Are you serious?

This is a ridiculous piece of kit. Dont use it.

Learn to keep the bar in the right place on top of the shoulders rather than rely on supposed ‘assistance’ equipment like this.

I agree with the previous two posters. Do not use that thing. Why did you decide you needed it, if you’d already been squatting 500lbs without it?

(sigh) Ok guys, I used it because I have learned that if you keep doing the same exercise over and over again you can get burned out therefore you change the exercise even if it’s ever so slightly such as using the device as posted above.

I have been lifting for a LONG time and without a doubt this device makes it much safer to squat in addition to slightly shifting some the bar weight to your quads so don’t knock it until you try it…

Regardless, if it’s good enough for Westside barbell/Joe Defranco then it’s good enough for me…:rolleyes:

I guess you guys have some more to learn (no disrespect) as there are all different kinds of ways to squat which the main purpose of using different variations would be to stimulate areas of the body and second would be to avoid stagnation.

These are all squat variations.





:rolleyes: This is why I hate the internet:rolleyes:

Bro, you don’t know me and you never seen me squat in the gym so why do you assume that I don’t know how to keep the bar in the right place on the top of the shoulders? If you live in my state (Pennsylvania) PM me and I will take you to my gym and show you if you live close to my area.

As far as “assistance,” trust me 400lbs is 400lbs when you use the Manta Ray. Real assistance is PED, spotters, the use of jump stretch bands and maybe you can even throw in smith machine squats as you don’t really stabilize all the weight yourself.

Don’t take offense. People here are just cautious of devices to make a lift easier. If you have orthopedic limitations or it just makes you feel more comfortable, knock yourself out. If you’re a powerlifter, you may want to limit your use of it to be more specific for your sport (but you’re not). I have no problem with rotating exercises (yes, westside is big on this) but in the track community (i.e. HERE) you usually find an adherence to the basics (squat, power clean, bench) for general organism strength.

I’m in PA also. Where are you located?

I fully accept what you say, but dont come on looking for our thoughts then take offence at them when we give you them.

Instead of ‘assistance’ maybe I should have said ‘adaptive’ or soemhting similar. Yes the effect is changed but a variation by changing the exercise might be just as or more beneficial. Highbar/low bar etc for back squats, then you look at depths, foot widths etc as changes.

I just see people in gyms relying on these things rather than learning the proper base techniques.

the Manta probably makes the squats more difficult by having a smaller support area in contact with the bar, the bar being slightly raised up and out. This would create a longer hip to bar lever length thus increasing the work on the back…maybe thats why you feel the upper back work out so much.

Post video of these 500lb squats.

Umm, the only “advice” I was looking for was the answer to the question if my squat strength was enough that was in place. As far as my other post I was just submitting what works for me and I was attacked by people who never even used the device.:confused:

Like I said, I try to avoid internet forms because I find it’s to easy to become argumentative.


Sorry bud, I do not own a camara.

I just looked at the comments that can be left when people chose to add/delete reputation points and I’m appalled at the comments that were left by the cowards who could use curse words but yet conveniently leave out there screen name as to who they are; some of the comments were from this 500x5 thread.

Anyhow, these are the type of people that should be banned as they discourage the learning process. Really, I’m disappointed in the CF forum because I thought it was a place where the elite all the way to the novice could get together and discus training ideas openly.

For the guys who left nasty messages anonymously behind your computer quit acting like your sister and post who you people are and explain me and to the CF community in the open why you feel I’m a dumb @## or why I’m a f&&king idiot because I don’t have a camera to video tape my squats?

Ok things seem to have taken a bad turn after the manta ray was brought into it, but I think you may have taken things a bit personally here…try looking on the Allan Wells queston in the forum for some real head banging!

Being from a 400m background (both of us) Im more interested in what your track sessions might be looking like as the weights are more than strong enough on the squatting - what are your other lifts like?

I have ran faster than you but havent done 5x500 before on squats.

Well, my suggestion would be: If you ask questions, see what sort of answers you get before telling others they don’t know anything.
In any event, videos could show how deep the squats are. That has a huge implication on anyone’s understanding of the impact of the squats and whether they might be too demanding relative to other parts of your program.
My question to others would be: Why not use a different bar? What is the purpose of lifting here other than to promote speed work?
My question to you is: Why is your lifting routine so demanding that you need more variables beyond varying the load? Would you be better off going heavy less often?
The general tone of this thread indicates to me that, for many, lifting has taken on a life of its own beyond a tool to help elsewhere.

Well said, we can always rely on Charlie to tidy things up and put it back into perspective!

don’t count on it! I didn’t have much luck over on the Wells thread!

I fully understand your post. What got to me is anonymous people cursing at me and leaving nasty rep comments. I feel profanity has no place in a forum that’s suppose to promote learning regardless if people are right or wrong in there views.

(lol) Well, I’m an athlete so I am trained to be confrontational but outside of sports I only get that way when I feel my manhood is being disrespected (online counts too). I mean, I would have gotten less mad if the people who called me a names would have left who they were. Ha, I probably would have left it alone.

Anyway Tinsolider, yea I’m going to post my 350 meter time soon that I have coming up. Right now I’m following the long to short; I’m in the last 3 weeks.

As far as the other lifts they are actually quite tame… My bench is 275x1, Dumbbell press is 110’sX3 and my trap bar dead-lift is 455x1.