2010 NFL Combine

So those times mean nothing then. The difference in reaction from person to person and if they have a different person starting the clock could be huge. I’m guessing that the combine would lose some of its luster if they went to full FAT and times didn’t dip under 4.40.

It’s all about hype and making money.

CJ teammate Ford ran 4.27 unofficial.
Tebow unofficial 4.70

I clocked Ford at sub 4.3 on my watch as well.

Ford official 4.28.

CJ unofficial 4.28…

Did anybody see CJ’s 40? He started with his arm forward instead of backwards.

CJ has great post chain development.

If you don’t have the NFL netowrk can this be watched online?


Timing is a joke, cj official time is 4.37 second best rb time.

C.J spiller official time 4.37

Big VJ by Trindon:


anyone knows toby official time, no way he’s 4.5’s??

This shows you that these combine gurus aren’t that good, these guys are getting elite track guys and can’t get them to run 4.2’s and are making them slower. Would love to see what Charlie could do with CJ, Ford, or Trindon for 6-8 weeks combine prep.

4.19 lol. Its sad that MJ is a combine guru. His start was the worst.

The first thing Charlie would do is massage. All of these guys are so tight and they are killing their speed with tension and lack of technique.

I agree, esp tight hips. Best look pretty good running his 40.

MJ isn’t really running the total program.

I don’t see the full results. Where are you looking?

Nevermind i just had to scroll down.