2010 NFL Combine

Trindon: unofficial 4.27, still not as fast as Chris Johnson 4.24.

315lb o-linemen ran a sub 4.7!

They just announced Holliday’s “official” time as 4.34.

CJ 50lbs bigger and faster.

Pitt TE: 4.40

faster or quicker?


You see the SimulCast they just did between Holliday and Dickerson? Only about a yard between the two at the finish.

So johnson will beat holliday in the 40 60m and 100m then correct?

Have you ever played football? Your post didn’t make any sense you said faster or quicker… Quicker means side 2 side, lateral/deceleration speed.

Yea I played a lil semi pro as a running back. Well I guess I have been out of football for a while. I didnt know that being quicker than someone means u can move from side to side. my bad. I guess. So are you gonna answer my question?

Who knows, too many variables.

Yeh, who is Trindon training with? Dickerson is really a WR, so it’s like Andre Johnson running.

I saw an article that said he was training in Florida with Mike Gough.

I’m surprise Moffit is not a Gough fan.

Should have sticked to train like he did all years…those combine guru usually sucks…still canno t understand how you US guys can trust those manuale ( or semi automatic) combine times…there is no way to know if 34 is faster than 26 in these conditions.

With Trindon position and draft status I would have stayed at LSU and ran indoor track while making a small adjustments to his upper body strength training.

I’m writing this on my blackberry from Indianapolis so bare with me:
Dorin’s official results are as follows:
24 reps with 225 (4th best of the TE)
43.5 vertical jump (1st place TE)
4.40 40yd dash (1st place TE), they clocked him at 23.1mph
10.5 standing long jump (1st or 2nd of the TE not sure)
6.96 L Drill (not sure his rank)
4.3 20yd shuttle (I didn’t get the hundredth value) (not sure his rank)

NFL.com will list the numbers and rank once they’re all in the system.

All in all a very good day. We’re both feeling great about his performance.
I wasn’t impressed at all with Trindon Holiday’s mechanics; most notably his arm action. Very little movement at the shoulder. Impressive that he ran as well as he did despite this glaring mechanical deficiency. Surprising that he runs that way despite his track background and whoever’s been coaching him for the combine.

I’m looking forward to watching C.J. Spiller tomorrow. He runs beautifully during games so it will be interesting to see what he puts down for his 40.

Very true. I (like everyone else) am annoyed that they don’t make the move to automatic timing. There are multiple videos on youtube that you can download and time frame by frame and/or pause during the first step to see how far off the timing can be (on the order of supposed 4.2-4.3 guys running over 4.40 from the point of toe off at the start).

If you watch Trindon track vids his arm movement is very similar. I think CJ will run 4.3’s, don’t see him going 4.2. Met CJ couple months ago when he came up to get ARP from Dennis.

yea trindon has always had ugly mechanics. but it works for him.