Umm, the only “advice” I was looking for was the answer to the question if my squat strength was enough that was in place. As far as my other post I was just submitting what works for me and I was attacked by people who never even used the device.:confused:

Like I said, I try to avoid internet forms because I find it’s to easy to become argumentative.


Sorry bud, I do not own a camara.

I just looked at the comments that can be left when people chose to add/delete reputation points and I’m appalled at the comments that were left by the cowards who could use curse words but yet conveniently leave out there screen name as to who they are; some of the comments were from this 500x5 thread.

Anyhow, these are the type of people that should be banned as they discourage the learning process. Really, I’m disappointed in the CF forum because I thought it was a place where the elite all the way to the novice could get together and discus training ideas openly.

For the guys who left nasty messages anonymously behind your computer quit acting like your sister and post who you people are and explain me and to the CF community in the open why you feel I’m a dumb @## or why I’m a f&&king idiot because I don’t have a camera to video tape my squats?

Ok things seem to have taken a bad turn after the manta ray was brought into it, but I think you may have taken things a bit personally here…try looking on the Allan Wells queston in the forum for some real head banging!

Being from a 400m background (both of us) Im more interested in what your track sessions might be looking like as the weights are more than strong enough on the squatting - what are your other lifts like?

I have ran faster than you but havent done 5x500 before on squats.

Well, my suggestion would be: If you ask questions, see what sort of answers you get before telling others they don’t know anything.
In any event, videos could show how deep the squats are. That has a huge implication on anyone’s understanding of the impact of the squats and whether they might be too demanding relative to other parts of your program.
My question to others would be: Why not use a different bar? What is the purpose of lifting here other than to promote speed work?
My question to you is: Why is your lifting routine so demanding that you need more variables beyond varying the load? Would you be better off going heavy less often?
The general tone of this thread indicates to me that, for many, lifting has taken on a life of its own beyond a tool to help elsewhere.

Well said, we can always rely on Charlie to tidy things up and put it back into perspective!

don’t count on it! I didn’t have much luck over on the Wells thread!

I fully understand your post. What got to me is anonymous people cursing at me and leaving nasty rep comments. I feel profanity has no place in a forum that’s suppose to promote learning regardless if people are right or wrong in there views.

(lol) Well, I’m an athlete so I am trained to be confrontational but outside of sports I only get that way when I feel my manhood is being disrespected (online counts too). I mean, I would have gotten less mad if the people who called me a names would have left who they were. Ha, I probably would have left it alone.

Anyway Tinsolider, yea I’m going to post my 350 meter time soon that I have coming up. Right now I’m following the long to short; I’m in the last 3 weeks.

As far as the other lifts they are actually quite tame… My bench is 275x1, Dumbbell press is 110’sX3 and my trap bar dead-lift is 455x1.

By dumbbell press do you mean bench or shoulder? 110sx3 is a lot for latter, but not for the former.

Knowing those numbers is more helpful. The trap bar deadlift is really low compared to your squat. Just seeing that number and the upper numbers, I could have been surprised by a 455x1 squat, let alone a 500x5 squat. Perhaps depth is an issue?

I think the upperbody no’s will come with time. Chasing them hard now will only limit your energy to improve in the runs.
The squats are a big big no. Looks plenty strong.
To me, keep the strength levels in the squats with a maintenance program and focus your power and strength into your runs.
Are you using any Explosive med ball throws? Plyro’s or such?

Sound like a good plan. As far as the med balls no, I’m not using any right now but I do plan on buying a med ball soon. Funny thing is my gym has TONS of med balls but there is nowhere to throw it and I train alone.

As far as the plyo work I just started doing the one leg hops (L-L-L-R-R-R) as outlined in the CFTS last week. Other then that I have never done any other plyo work.

Yes, the bench and yes I feel it’s low for upper body too.

My body is lopsided, as I haft to fight tooth and nail to increase my upperbody strength! My strenth is not even all around as most of my strength is in my legs. You can even see it in my pics when I was a kid. My legs when I was a kid were chunky and thick (still are) but my upper body looks normal.

Some guys are the opposite and I see alot of those guys in football. Reggie Bush comes to mind, his upper body is like a hulk (for his size) but his legs are pretty skinny.

Im not sure how fast you? i do believe though, getting in some Med ball work, plyro’s etc will pay dividends to you sometime soon.
If you havent seen it yet, the GPP dvd has excellent hops, throws and plyro’s etc that at your strength levels in the gym, you could make some wicked running gains.
However, dont just drop the squats off and replace and also dont just Add in the above without looking in your program what you can take away (squat volume perhaps? 2-3 sets total perhaps?)

good luck in the 350m

Trust me, I get upset that it’s only 455 but the lift off the floor is hard for me as my upper body is so much weaker then my lower. Holding and pulling 500lbs vs lettin it rest on your back and pushing can make a big difference in a lift.

I have had over 600 on my back which I call “walkouts” just to get use to “feel” of the weight but I can’t even hold that much let alone pick it up off the floor because it slips out my fingers/hands. Any slipping weight out of hands is a sign you need grip work: fingers, forearms ect…

I know how to fix it which the protocol is extensive grip work but like Charlie said if I go down that road I’m starring to go outside the scope of training as a sprinter. Also if I develop my forearms to be thick I would say it’s just as bad as developing thick calf muscles.