Weights for Speed 1


In your daily template in weights for speed 1, you talk about the use of general vs specific. You talk about if using the specific–ie cleans. to do a split Am/PM. You suggest day 1 as Speed, Day 2 lift am(cleans) PM tempo, day 3 Speed PM. Would you also do the AM lift on Day 4 and on Day 6? Or is this just a one time split for Day 2 and then still do the AM lift Day 6?

If you did the split would this effect the 48 hr recovery and the High Low intensity days?

If you did AM speed and PM lift Day One with Day2 tempo, day 3 speed with general weights after, day 4 tempo, day 5 am speed and pm lift, so you think that this would work or would the pm specific lifting be affected by am speed?

I pointed out the problem with specific weights. To be fresh, these weights should be carried out early in the session, so AM the next day works better from that perspective BUT this doesn’t allow enough time for CNS recovery before the next speed session so a different weekly schedule is needed- ie speed, weights + tempo, off, speed ,weights + tempo, off.

I haven’t purchased the “Weights for Speed” videos yet, but the above plan is how I decided to address my team’s morning weight room assignment.

The problem is that I sense a lack of training density on a 4 day week schedule. The sole remaining question was how integrate a 5th day. I arrived at 3 potential conclusions.

1.) Add another ExT (L-I) day on Wednesday or Saturday. Likely wouldn’t cause problems, especially on Saturdays, but is this too much ExT?

2.) Add a Power Speed or Strength Endurance Day on Saturday or possibly Wednesday. Since this would be of lower intensity it wouldn’t seem to be too taxing.

3.) Shut up, stop being so anxious and live with the 4 day a week schedule. :eek:

All seem to have merit.

#3 or adding another day of extensive tempo would probably be your safest choices.

If you are going to go with #2, I would put the power speed work on the same day as the weights and then move the tempo to the following day. So you would end up with:

  1. speed
  2. weights + power speed
  3. tempo
  4. speed
  5. weights + strength endurance
  6. tempo
  7. off

Very true and this would be consistent with CF’s 2xH-I weekly schedule. Past experience has taught me two things though. First that developing athletes get very tired of high volumes of ExT and do so very quickly. Second that 2xH-I weeks leave athletes a bit short when it comes time to compete.

Actually the idea of of lifting the morning after speed or speed endurance is new enough for CF that I’m still trying to wrap my arms around it. I find it interesting that I came to it independently. It’s kind of a 2x1.5 H-I days a week as proposed.

Can you please explain your comment below.

In my experience, which you can take or leave, 2xH-I days mean that you have either one for Speed and one for Speed/Specific Endurance, OR you compromise and have a bit of both on each day.

In the first scenario there simply isn’t enough of either type of work to make progress. In the second there is a greater possibility of getting enough stimulus, but it’s a delicate balance.

Interesting. I’ve found it just the opposite this season with reference to ExT and HI volumes. Though I’m considering 22.x and 51.x as developmental.

However, a week after a microcycle similar to what you proposed produced the largest performance gains with these athletes to-date. They went:
[li]HI prep/AL speed
[/li][li]Weights/AL speed
[/li][li]HI prep/SE

Not sure on some of your abbreviations. What is AL speed?

With AL - alactic speed. Relatively short speed (4-5 second duration) with large recovery durations. However, in the case of that week, they were E-F-E runs.

HI prep was similar to CF’s power speed protocols.

I do understand and agree with your second statement in response #7.

Gotcha. How do feel that the am weights followed by AL speed workout for you?

They certainly didn’t appear to dampen the quality of the short speed work. Perhaps the relatively soft work on day 2 followed by day 3 off had something to do with that.

Since I was shooting for day 5 all along, I was quite pleased with that result!

I might add that the following week the weight work experienced personal bests across all lifts and with seemingly less stress (for lack of a better description).

I haven’t been able to replicate that week however. But I believe there is more with these athletes.

How much time did you have them spend in the weight room and what did their volumes look like (# of total reps)?

Since this was during a school recess period, we had the full day of that week. Subsequently, they spent roughly an hour on day 2 and slightly over that on day 4.
[li]3x5 DL (trap bar)
[/li][li]3x5 Hi Pulls (shrugs)
[/li][li]3x5 Hyperextensions (resisted)
[/li][li]3x5 Reverse Hypers (resisted)
[/li][li]2x3 anterior chain work
[/li][li]1x5-5-5 squats (full-quick-explosive)
Extensive stretching followed on day 4.

Do to the lack of HI track work early in the season, work capacity hasn’t been a problem. An abundance of extensive tempo and special endurance (500m +) sessions during the prior five weeks.

Thanks. Interesting set-up, but I like it. Am I correct in that you are using L-to-S?

That is correct. By the way, these athletes also throw in competition (discus, javelin). The upper body stuff is accounted for in other sessions. Just not that week.

Sounds like a team of decathletes. :wink:

:smiley: More a couple of athletes trying to score points for the team. However in their case, they represent a few good sprinters in the program. Both are developmental scholastics by all accounts.