Question for CF:

I was unsure where to post this as there does not appear to be place on the forum specifically for the Key Concepts discussion unless I missed it.

On page 40 of structure of training for speed sample micros are offered for setting up a week between Sat. meets (I can recall asking that or similar question quite some time ago).

Option 2 is mentioned as being likely the best one. (Mon-SE Tues-tempo Wed-speed, Thurs-tempo or off Fri-few starts, sub max only). In that case, does the SE represent speed end. or special end.?

I think in the past that you said that races fulfill the role of the special endurance work.

Depends on event 200/400 SE is special end but 100/200 or just 100 Speed End

For the 100/200, would SE be, mid to late season something like 1 x 80m, 1x 100m, 1 x 120m, for example and for the 400 people something like 2 x 300 or something similar?

Sounds good but very late season the 300s would likely drop to one rep, relying on the meets for the rest of the SE needs

During mid season, do you recommend increasing, significantly, the rest periods between the SE reps or are they fairly long from the beginning?

You had mentioned before how John Smith had his guys running 2 x 350m without a full recovery(my words). You went on to say that when he wanted his guys to peak, he increased the RI’s quite a bit. Is that something you have done?

I have not done that, though it’s possible. I’ve used long recoveries throughout- increasing later- so perhaps 20min and later 25 to 30min to ensure max performance.

Good stuff.

Once in the comp. phase and doing the 2 x 300m or so session for the 400m athlete, how do you best continue to advance the performances. Is it simply through the increase in the RI and/or should one move onto to slightly longer distances like 2 x 350m?

Understandbly, the improvements will come from many different factors but how do you best manipulate the SE session, specifically, to keep providing an adequate training stimulus?

Charlie, ideas? Thanks.

If they are closer to beginner 400 runners, I’d leave the SE at 300m and increase the RI. If I see a huge drop in times, I’d perhaps move to one rep a bit sooner in order not to fry the nervous system before getting the results I really want in the 400s. Again, if times are dropping there rapidly and there are meets each weekend, I’d consider reducing the SE to 1 x 200m to keep fresh for the weekend meets and I’d definitely look to reduce the number of 400s, particularly before an important comp, moving to 200s, and then go back up.

By reducing the number of 400s, do you mean the number of 400 races-i.e. not to be confused with 400m as a part of SE II?

Just checking for clarification. Thanks.

Referring to races

More questions.

Just finished with indoors now transitioning to outdoors which will only be 7 weeks-conference third weekend in April.

How do you best make that transition? I feel like they need a little bit of volume to restore fitness due to tapering but the first outdoor meet will be in two weekends so not a lot of time to ramp that up if necessary.

Not sure quite how to progress with not much time to make a transition really seemless. For SE could split runs be brought back into the program or have we passed the point where they could be useful? The last they were done was about mid-Dec. Or should a brief period of hill work be done to touch on acceleration development or for strength endurance.

Depends on the programs approach (S-to-L or L-to-S), how long the comp period was, how the weather is currently there, and the importance of the early meets. IE, if you have a L-to-S approach and you will open with 200m only first, you have more options to fit in longer stuff but in either case, it is a good time to use split runs because you can get to the pace you need virtually right away.
If the athletes are showing tiredness from an extensive comp period, you’d want more tempo GPP type work and less speed or SE though there’s no time to get into a real GPP phase now.
Try to work out a way to get a 10day period of lower CNS stress/grass work at the end of the indoor meets and fill in the blanks working back from the conference meet. you can always fine tune it from there. I wouldn’t be too worried about training losses as the meets do count for training.
BTW, what’s the temp there now?

S to L. Comp period was very short. Jan 16 until Feb 27.

At the present moment, it is snowing and 31 degrees F but typically not the case- it’s usually decent enough to go outside here in Western NC-where you put on a seminar actually.

I guess the importance of early meets is only that there are four consecutive meets on as many weekends, one week end off then conference the following weekend. I hate the way it is so compressed but that’s how it is.

Re:Hills since it has been since about mid to late November since doing those and we’ve done no sled pulls at all this school year 08/09, would it be wise to go back to hills just to improve or touch on acceleration ability or would that be unnecessary?

All I know is it was freezing there in Oct. You could get in some shallow hills if the grass is in good shape and it’s warm enough. Sleds are also an option if the resistance is kept to a minimum to avoid adaptation stiffness.

Could we re-incorporate any speed change or finish drills for a week or two or would that be too close to the next comp on March 13th? It’s been since about mid Dec. since we’ve done anything in that realm.

I think it’s too close

I thought you said speed change drills could be done during indoors since its not competing with SE factor? What about submax flying sprints?

A sub-max flying sprint is just a way to build up to sub max speed easily to work on good form. That can be done anytime. Speedchange (FEF, EFE) is great indoors since SE demands are lower when the emphasis is on 60m.
In this case, with limited time to stretch out the SE, you need to spend most of the CNS energy perfecting that area. Hopefully, the speed change has already helped enough in the previous phase.
If you have a longer development timeframe before the meets get going in earnest, you can spread things around as you prefer.
This is just my preference under this particular circumstance. It’s always a balancing act.