Heart Rate Variability, Omega Wave, and ARP

Hi Lyle, there are errors in the analysis, you have much parameters out of scale.
You have to use the filter option.
Then, there is an error in the choice of the time analysis, this give you incorrect data and FFT spectrum!
HRV has specific rules, if you don’t respect their, you’ll have only “numbers”.

You can send me your file: armandovinci@gmail.com and I’ll do an analysis for you.

I am getting goosebumps from all those graphs… more, more! :wink:

I agree with Armando’s assessment. Do you have other examples Lyle that we can examine?

I am a novice in this area. Would someone with experience be willing to do a short tutorial on what this all means?

I two sentences …

The variation in timed interval between heart beats suggests reflections of aspects of the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

Conclusions are drawn as to functioning of organism, and neurocardiac regulation, through influence of the ANS - (sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system).

(There’s quite a bit out there and under HRV and Omegawave in the search function on CF.com too)

I’ll put something together for you. Maybe a quick video. Once you get the basic elements under your belt, this can be most useful for analysis.

I don’t give a shit so no, this file is from 2 years ago and I don’t bother with HRV anymore. I don’t have the raw data anyhow.

After my watch crapped out, I couldn’t give the first damn. This was just Kubios set with it’s standard setting and saying ‘ur settings are wrong’ requires more than a blank assertion from you to me. Again, I don’t give a damn.

BTw, the dates on these are indicated in the file name

04122008.text means April 12, 2008

all analysis you have posted are full of “errors” (out of scale, no filtering, too much short time of analysis…)

Like the CF whiteboard series (Weights, SPP etc) ? Would be a good addition. :cool:


When you say “filtering”, do you mean the removal of artifacts or outlying data. I know one of my programs would remove the “spikes” in the data. As far as too short time of analysis, I understand. My sampling is usually no less than 6 minutes per reading.

Could you provide more details on your “out of scale” comment and how we would rectify that in the analysis?

Thanks in advance.

A filter smooths out noise from the data collection process.

By out of scale I think he might be referring to the use of the Y-axis scale when presenting the data. It can be zoomed in too much to make the data look like its highly variable.

One simple example for out of scale: RMSSD: you cannot have 405ms…
On filtering: I’m referring to artifact, spikes…etc…

I assume the RMSSD value is high because the data has not been filtered?

I will send you some output files from my HRV analysis to get your opinion.


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