Brauman training

He didnt like the way it absorbed and gave off force, almost like you had to wait for it to rebound…somthing along those lines

Make your calves tight.

Exactly. Charlie didn’t like the surface and the effect of running on that surface.

And the way I see it, those comments apply just as much to pulling sleds as they do to tempo or strength endurance. Doesn’t matter much to me, because the local places that have field turf aren’t going to let me pull a sled with 50 pounds on it on their football field anyway.

Have you experienced this?

I have not and I have to run on field turf probably 5 days out of the week in winter.

Yes, in both of my calves…

Just to clarify, we are talking about the black rubber gritty stuff with the fake grass right?

You got it!

I’m not going to argue with Charlie on something like this. I sometimes do warmup strideouts on the field turf, but that’s the extent of it.

By necessity, all my athletes train on field turf for tempo and speed work. I have not seen any calf cramping. With some of my faster athletes, I have seen several hamstring issues doing accel work on it however. Not sure if it is due to turf or not.

an Olympic 100m athlete I worked with hated field turf. He said it absorbed too much and he always felt really sore in the hamstrings after tempo on it. Like ESTI said it is often out of necessity more so than preference.

I don’t like the feel of running on it but sometimes that is all you have.

Agreed grass is better I switched to field turf after a month of grass and felt stiff after a few sessions.

Now… if you HAD to use field turf the more padding the better right? I was thinking of getting some used turf for team sport guys and for doing drills for sprinters but not for real sprint work.

What do you guys think of the ones with the thick padding.

Mate it is nothing more then compacted sand that is held in place by strands of green nylon that gives it the appearance of grass. I know of an athletic club that use it for the discus and shot circles, they have to share the field with cricket and are not allowed to have concrete circles.

It’s not the best but it’s either that or concrete… I wish i could have an indoor real grass facility :slight_smile:

During the time of interview, 2009 i believe, what brauman said they did around the first week of december, was (400, 300, 200, 100) x 2…with 3 minutes btwn reps and 6 mins btwn sets…then he said, they came back and repeated it…this equals 4000m…maybe a 30 minute break btwn the first 2000m and 2nd 2000m

Does not John Smith do 4 3 2 1 for 1 set? and tom tellez’s groups? maybe running 400m they felt need to do extra set or its just tempo.

Its at 13 second pace for 100/200 athletes and 15 second pace for the 300/400 athletes…for tyson gay 13 secs is 76% of his maximum…still though, a 53 sec 400, then 39 sec 300, then 26 sec 200, and 13 sec 100X 2 X 2 sounds tough even for tyson

The 400 at 52 secs would be 86% of tysons maximum, the 39 secs 300m will be 80% based on 31.2 secs maximum, the 26 secs 200m will be 75% based on 19.41 maximum, and 13 secs 100m 75% of max…i guess it wouldn’ t be so tough for tyson when considering the 200’s and 100’s are basically strides, taking into account the percentages

Regarding this audio brauman interview i’ve misinterpreted/misunderstood due to my android audio quality i guess…
It was 15 second pace for the 300m and 400m and 13 second pace for the 100m and 200m…100m - 13 sec ; 200m - 26 sec ; 300m - 45 sec ; 400m - 60 sec…now that I think about it this workout would be nothing to tyson and company based on the percentages

Is it a 20 accel w/ walkback recover, 20 accel again then a 3-4 min. rest, then 20 accel w/walkback, and 20 accel again then a 8-10 min. rest before 30’s ?..
30 accel w/walkback, then 30 accel again then a 3-4 min. rest, then 30 accel w/walkback, and 30 accel ?

I was about to ask the same thing