Brauman training

There was a post here years ago comparing Stephen Francis’ training ideas to Lance Brauman’s and I have searched for a while trying to find it, but without success. Does anyone have this thread. Alternatively, does anyone have any info on the track sessions this group do. Like a sample week from various times in the year??

Jimson Lee typed out what Brauman says on the interview.

Gives sample in December and sample in March. In the interview I think he also gives a sample during comp phase.

I’d love to see the interview but it seems you can’t get access outside the UK unless you’re a UK coach member.

Click on download on the audio mp3 bar.

More over distance intensive tempo…

What do you mean?

There are many programs these days that the top sprinters claim to follow that have a high volume of mid intensity (80-85% of max) sprints that are any where from 80-350 meters.

Seems to me that it works. If you really think about though that 80-85% of max is probably 90%+ due to it being practice. Meaning none of them run all that close to their pr’s in practice. Clearly this training works. Lots of similarities in Brauman’s training to John Smith’s and Tellez in some ways.

Also, it is not like they are not doing any accel and speed work also.

“For some reason, people want to think we train by quantity: run, run, run and run same more, But actually the best sprinters are much concerned with quality than quantity”.

Ï’ve heard it said many times that our workouts look more like an actual track meet than a training session".

This is from Carl Lewis book One More Victory Lap.
And Carl was coached by Tom Tellez

Are you saying Carl Lewis didn’t do Int tempo type of work?

Because by most definitions of int tempo those runs on Mondays at a “fast-relaxed” pace usually with walk a lap recovery would be int tempo. Later in the year SE.

Steve Francis said last spring that Asafa ran 31.6 I think for 300 last winter. He had been running 300s in 37 in workouts, so this comes to 85% at least, 90% or so given that the 37 was a workout time.

Asafa also got himself in some trouble with the UK press for saying that British sprinters were “lazy,” and I’ve seen a video where he talks about people coming to Jamaica to train and working harder than they’ve worked in their lives. I don’t think MVP and Mills athletes are dogging it in training. It is by definition sub-max.

If you generally follow the Steve Francis seminar notes that can be found on this site, with the combination of power work and 300-450m overdistance, you find yourself running them pretty fast after 3 months.

The Jamaican stuff looks very similar to Wisconsin-Lax. You can tell the thought process behind it is the same.

I think they all are heavily influenced by Bud Winter (of course) and Jim Bush.

I’ve not heard Jim Bush mentioned by Francis or Mills, but John Smith has been mentioned by Francis. I think someone on here posted that both Francis and Mills had been mentored by someone in Jamaica who either worked under on learned directly from Bud Winter.

One thing that is different from the Bud Winter programs is the power work in the MVP plan. Francis has sleds once a week and 10X40m steep hills once a week, then two overdistance sessions. The power sessions seem to allow you to run the longer sessions faster over time.

The MVP version at least seems to work very well as GPP for Charlie’s s-l and you benefit from doing it for a long time (something like 3 months) as the Jamaicans seem to do.

Brauman’s training is a bit different.

I have never seen them mention Bush but I have been told by a very reputable coach that there are similarities between Bush and Winter.

Mills and Franno mentored under Dennis Johnson who was a former athlete of Bud Winter at San Jose. Dennis was responsible for bringing the Bud Winter program to Jamaica.

Look at drivephase’s old journal, can’t remember which one but he outlines a whole year of training from Wisconsin-Lacrosse. It is extremely similar to what the Jamaicans are doing. Lots of tempo and overdistance, lots of accel and sled and block work. No peak for indoor, really only a single peak. They clearly have a very similar philosophy as a program.

Do you have any specifics on the sled training?

All I know is what is on this site. I know that MVP does sleds once a week and short hills once a week. The sleds are supposed to be up to 50 pounds for men and half that for women. The short hills are 10X40m up a hill that is supposed to be 40-45 degrees. This is from the seminar notes from Australia last year that have been posted.

I don’t have a sled but have a similar hill, so I did the hill workout once or twice a week.

I don’t have any details about Bauman’s or Mills’ sleds.

Has anyone ever tried to do sled pulls on grass before? I have and it increases the drag coefficient like crazy! Going from the grass on a soccer field to the track with a 35lb sled is an insane difference. I wonder if its the same down there.

I guess it depends on the sled. Our sled slides really well over grass, but it has two very narrow, short runners about 1.25" in diameter and about 14" long, so very little footprint on the ground.

I did it in the summer- there is actually some video of me pulling a sled on grass in my training journal- and it was WAY TOO HEAVY even though we used a very light weight.

If I do sled pulls on grass again in the same conditions, I’d probably cut it to about 5% of body weight.

Agree, grass versus track is chalk and cheese, same applies to using the sled if the track is wet, HUGE difference in the amount of friction.