110mH State Title Quest

I wanted to start a new journal on the training of my hurdler from last year, who is now a 12th grader. Quick history, took 4th in the 110s last season in state finals, running season best 14.40 FAT in the semi’s and smacking several hurdles in the finals to run a poor time. In the 300s, he was the winner and later declared DSQ for “intentionally hitting hurdle” #10. It was quite a tough day to see that. He is incredibly driven right now as you can imagine.

We started up 2.5 weeks ago. So far Week 1 was short hills (3 sets of 10 x 15 m) 3 days a week, and 2 days of med ball throws (squat throws sequences one day, rolling and sprinting throws the other). I have also had them do tempo and introduce running A’s.

We will introduce box jumps next week and weights and hurdle work 1-2 days a week each. I’m slowly introducing elements. With a tough winter predicted, I want him to be prepared for a variety of training. Similar to CF’s bench press as general strength that can be useful if ever injured and certainly during the taper, all these elements will serve a insurance policy down the road while still serving a use in enhancement.

The first few weeks of hurdle work, the plan is to work 1 hurdle to focus on technical issues before introducing more. The speed work will be S-L.

More info to come soon!

week of November 12

we are in week 5 of GPP, doing hills 3x week and MB throws and MB Accels each 1 day. I added in tempo on MB days. Currently, MB days are done and now we are gearing to a HI Lo set up s-L.

No hurdle work planned. Focus is working on flexibility, which the athlete could use more work on.

How do you normally handle your winter training?

A lot depends on who shows up, the weather etc. These are high school kids and there are lots of factors that come into play.

With other athletes, I have done mostly s-L with limited accel distances in our 80 m hallways since we have no indoor track facility within 75 minutes drive (and being a cold winter state with weather similar to Toronto). Typically 2 Hi days with basement tempo on exercise mats on other days. Very primative but I did take a kid from 7.41 and 6 weeks later ran 7.06 and we had only gone through a 30+m limit in our halls.

So far the weather has been nice (40-50s). We have been on grass every workout.

Good work ESTI… Did you place a greater emphasis on the weights with the kid who went from 7.41 to 7.06 in 6 weeks, how much volume were you doing on the two sprint days?

No weight work at all with that runner. He was very tight and I was uncomfortable pushing intensity limits in practice. We worked alot on flexibility.

Volumes were about half of CF’s template since we were on the hallway floors in flats.

Got it - most of the gains probably came from the increase of mobility…

We just completed 7 weeks of hill work. This week introducing drill work over low hurdles to get hips loose. We will start repeat 60s SE work, and work on execution towards to the first 5 hurdles over the next 8 weeks. I have waited until now for hurdle because of my schedule conflicts teaching, family etc. I’m a firm believer in being there to observe every hurdle rep. If all goes smoothly, about 5-6 weeks will be the first 60m race, and possibly 60H race if we have gotten enough time on the sticks before then.


Today we worked on first hurdle execution. We have a race goal touchdown time of sub 2.5 to the first hurdle (I use my 60 fps camera to track this in races). Last season he was in the 2.5’s I believe, I have to check my charts.

30m block starts were in 3.8 range (no hurdles of course).

EFE zones were 1.98-2.00 range, and FEF today were in the 1.9s for the second zone. I am consistent with my hand times, although I know they are not accurate.


Today we did more 1st hurdle work. Consistent touchdown times in the low 2.3s for all reps. Friday I will use my 60 fps camera to get a more accurate reading. His speed coming off the first hurdle is very good. I feel the challenge will be the middle hurdles when he may get jammed if not careful.

Rolling 30s were in the low 3.8-hi 3.7 range. Did 3x60, 3x60, 2x60 at 30+m, most runs were low 7.0x range, and a few more mid 6.9s.

Esti, you are doing a great job. I love hearing about your progress.
check this out just… I was looking at my diaries.
Monday December 9th 1991
my warm up was 600+300+100+100+100 ( that would have been within the first part of the warm up so not fast at all )
15 meters of all the drills
2 sets of 60 meter accelerations ( likely spikes by now)
4 x Running A drill ( you do a running A but hold the knee up each step briefly )
2 starts no hurdle with sound ( someone claps or we used to take two boards from the portable hurdles and clap them together)
2 starts with 1st hurdle with sound
2 starts with 2 hurdles
3 x 60 meter hurdles ( 7.76, 7…79, 7.98) = 2 personal bests in these runs )
warm down / then weights = pull downs 3 sets , Bench 3 sets
( I was competing in Windsor just after or just before xmas that year. )

Thank you for posting some of your training! Very interesting. I am curious how fast you got to working in a full 60m hurdles? I plan on adding 1 hurdle weekly through the first half of SPP, and then working those hurdles through the second half of SPP for indoor.

I just listened to the Behm interview about Aries’ training. They do no more than 4 all out hurdle runs on speed hurdle days. Coach felt his previous training doing around 7 runs was too much, and felt 4 was good. I thought this very interesting as it’s similar to a Charlie style program.

very impressive work ESTI!


This week, the school was closed, but we had access to a high school indoor facility, which is a small 3 lane track around the basketball court, good enough to get in 30-40m full out efforts.

The s-l is 30+ this week, so it worked well. We worked out to 3 hurdles. I video 60fps some runs and the first hurdle touchdown time is 2.55 from first movement, the same I use during meets (since I can’t always get the smoke in the camera view, I can be consistent with his effort and factor in reaction time later). Last year, his first race indoors at the end of march, he was at 2.55 to H1. So to have him do this in practice at end of December, there is some progress. His state finals from last year, he was at 2.47 to H1 in the finals. I feel in a meet environment, now, he runs low 2.4’s or faster.

30m block starts were run in the 3.8-3.9 range. A few years ago, a runner ran 3.8’s from blocks in our hallways and would later run 7.07. Being on a fairly springy track, he’s not quite there yet. I think he can still run sub 7.00 by the end of February.

The first meet is scheduled (weather permitting among other things) next Thursday. A 60H, a 60open, and possibly a 200. I will try my best to keep meets 10 days apart. The meets closest to us allow this schedule to happen.

He also looks like he can qualify for the New Balance indoor nationals in NYC Armory. If he runs sub 8.00, he qualifies. I think he is in 8.20 shape right now, we will see soon!

Workouts this week looked like this:

Hurdle drills
warm-up accels
3x30m standing
2x30m blocks
3x1 hurdle from blocks
3x2 hurdles from blocks
3x3 hurdles from blocks

All block starts were done with a clap to work on reaction.

Next week, we will do the 1/2 spacing drill working on quickness over hurdles. This was our bread and butter drill last season and really helped him get over hurdles quick.

I am assuming you are training with the hurdles low and pushed in?

We do warm up drills with lowered heights &1/2 spacing drill is at 36" (competition ht is 39".

He has tendency to get jammed in tight towards hurdle 5-7. I plan on changing spacing when we work on those distances.

Ange what would you recommend?

Mon 12/31

Today worked on block starts out to 30m. Electronically timed 4.03-4.07 on 4 runs. He looks to be in low 7 shape right now. I am very pleased.
Speed work was finished with 3 x 30+20 finish drills.

After looking at the video from last week, his arm action needed slight improvements to keep him more balanced on touchdown. This was the focus during warm-up drills.

We did 4 reps of 5 hurdles half spaced at 36" focusing on arm action.

Then finished with 3 runs over 2 hurdles 36" slightly spaced in to work on arm action.

Tomorrow and Wednesday will be Basement style tempo as we have too much snow to do tempo outdoors. Thursday, weather permitting, is a race.

Change nothing right now.
Let’s see how the competition goes on Thursday.
Easy on the tempo on Jan 1 esp. if it’s not normal running. That work can really sneak up on you. I would not change much or anything right now if that is what your athlete ( s) are used to.
I am not sure I would do much the day before a race expect a light and easy warm up with no real effort of any sort.
Where is the meet?