Heart Rate Variability, Omega Wave, and ARP

BTw, the dates on these are indicated in the file name

04122008.text means April 12, 2008

all analysis you have posted are full of “errors” (out of scale, no filtering, too much short time of analysis…)

Like the CF whiteboard series (Weights, SPP etc) ? Would be a good addition. :cool:


When you say “filtering”, do you mean the removal of artifacts or outlying data. I know one of my programs would remove the “spikes” in the data. As far as too short time of analysis, I understand. My sampling is usually no less than 6 minutes per reading.

Could you provide more details on your “out of scale” comment and how we would rectify that in the analysis?

Thanks in advance.

A filter smooths out noise from the data collection process.

By out of scale I think he might be referring to the use of the Y-axis scale when presenting the data. It can be zoomed in too much to make the data look like its highly variable.

One simple example for out of scale: RMSSD: you cannot have 405ms…
On filtering: I’m referring to artifact, spikes…etc…

I assume the RMSSD value is high because the data has not been filtered?

I will send you some output files from my HRV analysis to get your opinion.


Hi T Slow
My first question might be if you suspect you are over cooking the high intensity aspects of your training might you not begin to make sure you are doing a few of the following things.

  1. Check your diet and make sure you are in good shape with regards to supplying enough protein, complex carbs and water. Pay special attention to foods that exist in nature. Try and reduce fake anything.

  2. How is your water intake? Often overlooked and rarely thought of as important especially by non professional athletes and normal people

  3. Address your sleep as number one thing to get enough of. How much sleep do you get? At what time of day? Is is solid sleep or is it interrupted? Do you need aids to go to sleep? Do you need stimulants to keep you awake to train or work?

  4. You need to be doing a few things for your self ( massage, hydrotherapy are my favorites) to understand a before and after effect.

Others have spoken with regards to consistency of how you take your HR .Begin with what you aready have and the information you collect will encourage you to make the changes you need.

Do you want to be a massage therapist? or just learn how to give massages? Or receive massages?
Contact Grace Chan and use the site’s name as she was a contact of Charlie’s. Sutherland and Chan Massage therapy and she may be able to assist you.

Don’t be such a rude moron! Blimey someone tries to help you and others out and you moan? If you don’t give a shit piss offf- simple as!


Hi Angela! Thanks for responding, I hope you are enjoying the snow.

  1. I followed the suggestions you made in The Jane Project, but I need to cut back on bread. I get it from a friend who is hardcore artisanal and bakes in his backyard. Try them out if you can, their miche and raisin bread are out of this world awesome :)(http://thecliffsidehearth.blogspot.com/)

  2. My water intake is probably subpar. I will increase my daytime consumption. What do you suggest consuming during indoor workouts where the temperature is neutral? Mostly water? Some kind of water fortified with electrolytes?

  3. The only thing I will use to aid sleep is ZMA- I am a big fan. Sleep is sometimes interrupted, but I often sleep through the night until my alarm. I have always struggled to get to bed at a reasonable hour, I’m probably averaging 6.5 hours per night, which is below my needs for sure. I will start logging sleep.

  4. I have been foam rolling this year, incorporating it as part of my warmup. I am a fan of ice and hot and cold showers, and have been getting massages on a more regular basis (almost time for my annual trip to see Waldemar). I am much less tight and sore this year, which is a major improvement.

  5. I’d like to at least learn how to give a half decent massage and have a clearer picture of the musculoskeletal system. If it was interesting enough, I could see myself continuing to take courses.

Thank you for all your advice, and hope to see you at the track soon.


One of the things that I found interesting about the ithlete was that it seems to be compatible with pretty much any Polar HRM strap. This made me think that older Polar watches (like my RS200SD and many others) might be able to output raw data that could be subsequently imported into Kubios.

There are a ton of shareware programs out there that support stripping the raw data out of previous Polar watches (like Polar RS200 decoder available here). I will download the RS200 decoder, fool around with it and see if the files can be imported. It’s just a temporary solution, but worth trying. For someone on a budget, this could work a treat!

I would love to see CF.com team up with a software developer and start hammering out some apps. Seriously! Some of these programs are ridonkulously easy to write!

Fresh food made at home is wonderful
Whole foods from the earth the best
Clean water drink often filtered by you / try Brita
your goal for sleep is wake without an alarm
next goal get more sleep before midnight if possible
if you are struggling to wake up is this not a clue to quality or volume of sleep or perhaps you are not adapting to something in the training
foam compresses try pvc large pipe or Travel Roller I love
keep us posted

IS this the polar version?


and the Suunto?
I could only find the T6D. Not sure it does HRV, unless that is the body analysis wit 7 parameters…


Yes - either of those HRM’s. You’ll see it says either:

  • R-R recording, or
  • Beat-by-beat recording

It will record the time interval between beats measured in milliseconds. Kubios HRV can import them as either a text file or a specific file exported from the Suunto.

I ordered the Polar. Should be here mid week. Will update on how it goes and will probably post data as I am able to do so.

Sounds great! I’m leaning toward the Polar too.

Polar is the best option IMO…