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friday morning

friday evening
bulgarian squats (left only) - 5:5 26

had some accupuncture done on my right hamstring tendon. this time around she put an electric current through which nearly knocked my head off it was so painful. seems to have had a pretty good impact, though. I can barely feel any soreness there at all…

6x100 @ 75%

I’ve been taking my 5 year old to the track with me a few times. She has been running a few lots of 100m as well as joining me in my drills. Last week I thought I’d track her progress, so I timed her for 20m. I will make an effort record her results alongside mine. Last week she did 7.1s and today was 6.9s.

I’ve got a 60 and a 200 coming up on Tuesday. I’ll be meeting up with a mate of mine who is going to the gold coast with me next month…

Hip thrusts - 2:20 40

60m - 7.49h
200m - 27.1h

Ran really well in the 60, but waited around for ages for the 200. I had cooled down and stiffened up a fair bit, and I didn’t get much of a chance to get ready. Still, pretty happy…

4x150 - 26, 22, 23, 24
Stairs, high knees - 6x32
Eccentric back extensions - 5:3

Done a bit of reading and it seems I have hamstring tendonosis. As far as I can tell, the best remedy for this is eccentric exercises. I was dubious at first, assuming it would just make it much worse, because my instinct is to protect the area. However, a few sets and I actually feel a lot better.

Suits me better than rest, ice, heat. I’m still hitting the track…

Hard to explain,
1, use a 1:25kg weight disk
2, sit on either a hard chair or on the floor against a wall
3, holding disk upright on floor, place leg ontop of said disk.
4, move leg side to side over disk, looking for tight / sore spots
5, hold position once found until pain subsides
6, repeat till hammie feels pain free
7, 30-60 sec stretch
8, do other leg.
9, can take 10-15+ min per leg
10, its easy to add leverage n increase weight on disk and get in very deep.
11, you can use 2.5 or even 5kg disk, see which works best for you.

I have not come across anything better. Even a massage doesnt get in this deep (unless they are really good, but, where are they…)
Afterwards, you can use your Cups to help things along.
Normally, if a tendon is sore, its due to excessive muscle tension over a long time. The short periods you train wont do it.

I remember when I did it. I made a sudden increase to the load in my hamstring exercises. Afterwards I could feel a sore spot right up in the origin. So high I thought it was my glutes. Since then it has been the first thing I felt every morning. However, after just one session of eccentrics, this morning I woke up and was almost entirely pain free.

It’s almost like the problem was caused by a hard concentric contraction that bunched up the fibres, but the eccentric stress has stretched them out again.

I can’t believe how well and quickly it has worked…

What type of eccentric stretches did you do as I have a similar issue in my hamstring. I will also be going to the pan pacs but I am in the 45-49 age group.

I sustained the injury doing back extensions, so I did eccentric back extensions. I held myself up with my hands, then slowly lowered myself all the way down. I also did them by standing and simply lowering my upper body. the difference between the two was that with the back extensions the stress on the tendon was more at the start of the movement, while for the standing stretches it was at the end of the movement. I think I got better results from the BE’s, though…

Thanks for the tip on the eccentrics, they do work well. Cheers

Don’t forget to mention me in your acceptance speech… :wink:

thursday morning
ecc BE - 3:5 BW

ecc BE - 3:10 BW
bulgarian squat (left) - 2:5 26, 2:1 52

ecc BE - 3:5
ecc calves - 3:10

loving these eccentric exercises. right hamstring tendon is feeling much, much better. they are working the tension out of my calves, as well…

ecc BE - 2:10 BW, 1:5 10
ecc calves

4x100 @ 70%
S - 20m 6.8

the steps work I did a few days ago has really messed up my calves. I think I’m going to have to do some specific strength work in that area before I attempt them again. I could really feel them today, and it wasn’t just from the exercises I’ve been doing.

only got to do a portion of what I wanted to do today. I was planning on 8x100, but C was getting restless so we had to bail. S did about 5 100’s along with a bunch of skipping/jumping exercises…

ecc BE - 3:10 BW
bulg squat (left) - 3:5 26
db squat - 2:5 52
rev hyper - 1:5 26

ecc BE - 3:10 BW

uphill blocks - x10

coach had me doing something different today. coming out of the blocks on a hill and excelerating for about 10m. I was training with a guy who is the son of a former stawell gift winner. that’s pretty cool.

hamstring tendon is getting better. I’ve been using hot/cold techniques straight after training. that, coupled with the eccentric excercises, seems to be really improving the situation.

only about 3 weeks until pan pacs… :smiley:

Sunday morning
1x150, 1x120 - 95%

Had a bit of a lactic attack by the side of the track. Retched a few times but didn’t spew. Haven’t had that for a few years. It’s good to be back.

I was going to do a few slow 100’s but they started to close up the stadium and I had to leave.

Stuck a hotpack into an insulated bag and took it to the track along with an ice pack. That way I was able to start the regen as soon as possible…

db squat - 2:3 52kg
bulg sqt (R+L) - 1:1 52, 57
rev hyper - 5:10 BW

1x40, 60, 80, 100
lying starts - 10x15m
ecc calves 3:10

I felt a small twinge below my knee early on in my session yesterday. it didn’t bother me too much and I kept training. it wasn’t until a few hours after I finished that it really started to stiffen up, and today it was awful. as soon as I got home I popped a couple of NSAIDS and fortunately that has settled it down. I’m a little concerned about what exactly is going wrong, though. it’s hard to pinpoint where the problem is coming from.

I’ve been pushing the intensity a bit lately, so I’m going to start to ease off a little bit for a while in the lead up to pan pacs.

everything else is pretty much fine…

night cramp - left calf

sliding - quads
laft calf - cupping, sliding, massage, hot/cold

ecc BE - 1:10 BW
treadmill - 5x300 (6, 9, 12, 9, 9)
sliding - hamstrings, claves, quads

1x100, 80, 60 95%
3x100 50-65%

had another calf cramp in the middle of the night. no damage done, but the muscle was extremely hypertonic for a couple of days. I threw everything I had at it and it certainly helped. back up and running again in no time.

pertty happy that I finally worked out how to do sliding. I can already fee a massive difference in my legs. my hamstrings were particularly rough in texture, so I’ll be looking to smooth those out over the course of the season. I expect my range of motion to improve, as well.

13 days until my 100m at the pan pacs. I don’t think I’ll be doing any particular tough sessions. I will keep it to short distances at speed, or long and slow.

Calf and hamstring treatment

4x200 75% (35, 34, 35, 34)

I have a nice bruise on my right string, but it doesn’t appear to be anything too serious. There was a little bit of tightness, but it went away as I warmed up and did some light massage.

I’ve got a 60 and a 200 on the weekend, but I won’t be gunning for big times. I’ll just keep it smooth and relaxed…

How cool is it!! Now THAT is therapy. Cupping without sliding… it’s not even in the same ball park…

Can’t really self slide on your back. Straight cupping works there. I think the sliding is slightly more aggressive, but less so than regular massage…

Use, Wife, girlfriend, some broad you picked up last night… :slight_smile: