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I’m looking for some new ideas for my Gen Pop cliential. Most of my Gen Pop train with me 2-3 times per week mainly focusing on 30mins strength training and 45-60mins of cardio 4-5 times per week. I have a five phase strength training setup each phase has 7-8 different workouts. Sample Phase 1:

Station 1: 2x20
1a: DB lateral stepups
1b: Weighted hypers

Station 2: 2x20
2a: Db Bench press
2b: Chest support row

Station 3: 2x20
3a: Alt db shoulder press
3b: Lat pd front

Station 4:
Low intensity jump circuit or MB

I mention earlier how each phase has 7-8 different workouts, below you can see how I progress the Vert press:

Db shoulder press
Alt db shoulder press
Db strongwoman press
Push press
Squat press
Clean press
Spilt jerk

Any thoughts??

Hey Bold, I know you train Gen Pop what kind of things are you doing?

Group training - much like say Bootcamp, just without the yelling and screaming antics

sunday - sled pulls, and basic leg exercises interspread with plenty of Tempo running.
Mondays - tempo runs with log jumps or squat jumps, or burpees or push ups or any other such exercises
Tuesdays - upper body exercises with short recovery’s
Wed - Similar to mondays
Thur - fitness boxing
fri - tempo - either intensive or ex, depending on tiredness levels or if a Fun Run is on the wkend.

I would love to see house moms doing sled pulls!! Not sure if I could do group training because the Gen Pop has too many limitations, for example I’m sure many my of clients couldn’t start out doing tempo running; I start everyone with incline tread walking 15% 4mph for 60mins… The program I outline has been very successful in the past year, the best I have seen was a 40lbs weight drop in 2months.

oh yeah, thats all outdoors.

other stuff might be
Med ball workouts

or Dumbbell complex - or barbell

or Cf style med ball workouts

Its actually used to be harder trying to figure out workouts for those that are crazy unfit - too weak to bench press or even do push ups, chins ups etc. Sure its easy to figure out how to make a regular chin harder, but no so much Easier (that is if you dont have a lat pull down device or such) Its easy now though. :slight_smile:

My client who lost 40lbs in 2months, she started phase 2 tonight:

Station 1: 2x15
bench press/squats/rows/rdl/knee ups

Station 2: 2x15
db sh press/stepups/ham pd/hypers/russ twist

Station 3: 2x20
bar curl/calves raises/tri ext/shoulder complex/v ups.

Cardio: Speed intervals on the treadmill
Shit load of volume in 30mins…

House mum who could NOT work one full week due to Back cramps and spasms for the last 12YEARS after only a few short months working out HERE

I take it, in your Stations, each SET = all them exercises without rest, one after the other?
Thats the way to do it for that style of client. And they like it :slight_smile:

Do you supply them Nutritional plans?

Yes, complete all those movements with no rest = 1 set. It’s 30mins of non stop work!!

I give them basic nutritional advice on how to make smarter eating decisions.

Oh yeah - as a bonus, half the time i join in the training with the group, Its like getting Paid to train :slight_smile:

The other thing you could think of doing for the client who does not have enough cash for 2-3 sessions per wk, is tiny group training of 2 or 3 ppl. You charge the same as One 30min workout, but if there are 3 in the group, you could train them for 3sessions each. Your still making the same cash per HR, BUT, your clients work out harder each wk, and each wk they get better and better results, giving YOU better testimionals and walking Billboards that tell others how great YOU are. And at a faster rate.
Plus, you might be able to pick up a larger audience who typically cannot afford Sessions??

Something to think about

You can make a shit load of cash with that boot camp style training. I really perfer 1 on 1 because I found it’s easy to promise and deliever consistent results.

Forgot to mention, I usually have 2 sub programs within each phase for example Phase 1-A is for my young/fit client, Phase 1-B older, heavier and less mobility.

Yes, something I have thought about. I usually offer deals, the more you train the cheaper the PT package. For example if you train 2x per week it would be 50 per session vs 3x per weeks 30 per session etc etc.

You mention earlier about 1yr contracts, how do you progress them over this time - what changes are being done weekly/monthly etc?

The typical 3wks on, 1wk de-load applies.
You just need to have it stored (either on paper or in your head) on what they can individually do.
eg - Push ups, we do on high bars for beginners, and then progress to medium bars, then low bars then flat ground etc.
Squats might be Box squats for beginners, then holding onto a med ball, then free squats then jump squats maybe etc.

i can have a good sized group all doing the same thing, but each person within that group is doing each exercise slightly different

I know a lot of trainers who simply cannot do that. I just prefer it.

What kind of results are you getting?

Max weight loss so far off one guy is 35kg and counting. Though he has pretty much stopped trying to loose weight per say, but also put muscle on and loose fat.
Lady is a couple of kg’s off 30kg.
Most loose either 0.5kg to 1kg per wk.
Sometimes a bit more.
A few a generally pretty Lazy, they grew thinking Exercise isnt cool and muscles are ugly - that type, but then they realize they need to exercises now. Old habits die hard. Still, they are loosing kg’s, but somewhat slower. maybe 1kg per month of Solid loss? That would be the lowest.

Some dont need to loose weight, like 56kg females, just loose a few kgs of fat and gain a few kgs of muscles. They tend to yo-yo throughout the year depending on when Concerts or parties etc are on. But they keep coming back and are happy as.

Fitness wise, as an eg. One guy, his estimated Vo2 max was around 17.5 when he started. Yes, thats stupidly low, but he was also one very very unfit dude. So unfit, i still remember his very 1st Workout, an easy Med ball workout and he died after 1.5sets… His vo2 is now around 48 and has a low Hr of 43 and is becoming rather Fit and strong.

Chicks, An eg, one starting doing around 12 push ups on her knees only. Now she can do over 20 full ones one her toes.