Renovation Sale

Hello Charlie

It’s our first sale in over 6 months and we are renovating!

Check out our home page for details and your inbox for sale details or check out the store now.

We are still not completely finished with our new changes and it will take a bit longer so be sure to let us know if you have any questions or contact my self or info to say what is up.

Warmest regards and stay cool,


WOW 50% off everything in the store for a limited 2 week period ending December 10th.

this sounds great and perfect timing for a Christmas self treat :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work :cool:

Welcome to Joe.

And I just bought myself inside the SPP…
My collection contains:
-inside the SPP

  • GPP essentials
  • 2002 forum review
  • CF training system
  • Keyconcepts elite

What else should I buy?

I think the weights lectures are invaluable. They really helped me understand the overall picture a lot better.

That being said, I think I have everything!

Speedtrap if you dont have it.
IMO and Charlie’s it is a critical piece and quick read for anyone that has even a remote interest in sport or athletics or training of all kinds. It is an inside look into something Charlie innovated to create some of the best athletes this country and the world has ever seen. There is so much to be learned from this classic piece of world sport history.
Having said that I am going to share with you now that I am hoping to re publish this book soon. My hope was to have it ready for May 12 2011 but I am not sure I will make it frankly but I will try my best. I have some help so that will make it more likely to get it done;)
I am also planning to republish Charlie’s training manual with a some special add ons and endorsments from a few key sports. Nothing more than promises right now but I am very excited about the project and I just need a bit more time behind me to make it happen.
Enjoy the sale. It is long over due.

We can wait, no worries… :slight_smile:

great sale…
just water and bread in december for me now…

Awesome sale. I found the Weights bumper download to be an excellent resource with lots of information on how to apply weights to the SPP.