Bike Tempo Workout

I will take a look and get back to you shortly

thank you!

the mac only lets me open the wmv as a txt file… strange

so are you still not able to download correct?

ive figured it out with joe, the site was updating while i downloaded. the reason i cant play it on the mac is because it doesnt support wmv files. i have the wmv on a cd, and im going to try to convert it to an mp4 on a pc, but windows media player wont let me… is it just stuck as a wmv?

Not sure if this program works on a mac, but it does convert wmv to mp4. There is a free version which takes a bit of figuring out, but it works fine.

Please post when you get this figured out. I plan on buying and downloading onto my mac. I’ll let you work out the bugs for me before proceeding…

THanks so much for your patients. I want to explain that I have had to complete the back end and am now in the process of getting the store and the systems that run it cleaned up. Joe is doing an excellent job and we just need more time to make long over due changes so that downloads are smoother and quicker and dont time out etc.
some of the files are very large and we will fix all of this soon.
thanks Herb for your help.

thanks for your patience the conversion can be done right on this website. mines being converted as we speak! ill post again if something glitches, but a friend told me itll work

gahhh, the file was too large for the online converter (its 55min long the bike workout). i think ill ask a friend to use a pc and convert it for me…

ok, i got it to work, i just had to download an add on to my quicktime player and now it can play wmv’s. a friend reccommended flip4mac, but im not sure of its legality and such


:cool: Thanks!

hey angela, i noticed that even though in the video u talk about ur strength levels being kind of down, the push ups and arm pulls looked very easy for u. is that the case? should those exercises not be pushed? as a guy i assume id do normal push ups, but on the arm pulls should i be using a weight that feels heavy, or go very light on it?

same with the medball sit ups stuff, should i be going as heavy on those, or light? i know its always individual, but is the goal just to keep moving, or to actually increase strength wiht these exercises being included?

As long as done appropriately,everything helps everything.

As long as done appropriately,everything helps everything,the goal being increasing general strength,as by CFTS.

Did it today, not the entire thing though (missed about 8min worth) because my fitness is terrible and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t sore tomorrow. I have to say I haven’t had a workout like this in awhile. One complaint I have with my bike is the straps. For the working sets I wsa doing a 32-33mph consistency and the left strap broke in 3 spots (there are 6 total, and 3 left) because I was going too fast. Is there a way around this?

you are riding like a bike rider not a track athlete, power down not up, pedals bend the straps don’t break. :slight_smile:

I recommend using clip-less pedals not straps.

What would the better stationary bikes be to use? I am planning on buying a used stationary bike for both my daughter and myself.
Probably look for something on Craigslist.
We have no indoor running facility here in the Winter months, and we do get quite a bit of snow.