Old Working Athletes

I don’t recall discussion around Ben doing 7 x 300, what I do recall is him hating 300 SE and Charlie dropping it.

I found this from Charlie re 300 tempo

Tempo 300’s:
I’ve used this session a lot over the years. Keep the recoveries at 100m walk (@=1-1:15min), but reduce the pace. 65% of max. is more appropriate, but be
honest when calculating your projected best time for the distance. It will seem
like you’re crawling pace-wise, but that’s OK; remember that by design this
session is meant to be aerobic. Since you moving up to the 400m, you may need
to start at 6 reps, and add 1 a week until you reach 10. If you are struggling with
6x300m at 65% of max, you need to try shorter distances (100-250m) first. The
transition to 400m is often difficult and not for every athlete.

Did CF also mention his crew did 6-5-4-3-2-1 in GPP? I don’t think it’s smart for a 5’7 195 sprinter to be doing 7x300 or 6-5-4-3-2-1 - any thoughts?

Why would your height and weight have anything to do with you doing longer tempo? Your body type should have nothing to do with it.

Read this thread because it has been mention several times. Would you have a 6’5 340lb ol performing 200m tempo runs? If so your a dumb ass.

He did at the seminar I attended as follows

600m breakdown
600 walk 600
500 walk 500
400 walk 400
300 walk 300
200 walk 200
100 walk 100

I did it a few times but personally didn’t like it that much and switched to
all with 1 min rec

with tempo you can get pretty creative CF talked about doing Long tempo as split runs

IMHO the key thing is to do what works for you and means that you will do it.

You are a 400m guy?

I’ve read the thread. It was my polite way of saying you are lazy but I apparently have a little more tact than you have. 340 lbs is a rather extreme example… but not what we are talking about here. (the thread is called Old Working Athletes)

My point is that we tend to train in our comfort zones. Slimmer athletes tend to “like” doing 300’s and heavier athletes can’t fathom running that far. You can split it up into 100’s and 200’s if it make you feel better but it is still the same volume of tempo.

attempted to be, now… who bloody knows :rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

Here is another bit and probably the last I quote

[i]Average Volume of tempo…
Typically the session volume would be as follows:
100 specialists - 2000 meters per session - 3 times/week
400 specialists - 3000 meters per session - 3 times/week
800 specialists - 4000 meters per session - 3 times/week

Upper limit is 75% effort levels over distances of 100-400 meters per repetition.

Although the volume of each session would adhere to the above guidelines, the
length of each rep would result in different training effects.[/i]

This is from http://www.charliefrancis.com/store/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=37 which I seriously suggest investment in especially as there is a sale on right now.

I got all of that, come on bro 2000x3times weekly is tough for athletes who can’t get therapy daily.

You are 100% correct, I am lazy!!! My goal is to train as little as possible and still improve, why should I do 6x300 when I can do bb circuits and 2x5x100 and still improve? At my age, I want training to be fun and not painful. haha

You know that old saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”? I think it applies here.

How fast are you?

That question is right up there with “How much do you bench?” Remember this forum is for athletes and coaches. My point is that John and I were trying to answer your question. You don’t seem open to the response. Calling someone a dumb-ass won’t get you very far.
Good luck with your training.

First of all your not helping me with anything, second I didn’t call anyone a dumbass.

I was simply quoting not necessarily saying do that. Like you At my age, I want training to be fun and not painful. but IMHO if someone isn’t injured and can’t physically hack 2 x 2000m at < 75% then they need to ask questions as to why, maybe the other days are too high? Or maybe they simply need to suck it up and commit to tempo for 8 weeks.

Daily therapy doesn’t have to be massage.

That said conditioning doesn’t have to be running, personally I use my indoor rower a fair bit and there is a bike tempo download and
pool work is discussed. I know some people like weights circuits however personally I don’t and think combined with HI track followed by weights is too much, but hey that is me and my performance sucks so maybe I’m just full piss and wind…wouldn’t be the first time and won’t be the last :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh come on now…
and you’re not even old :slight_smile:

There’s no point in training if you’re in your comfort zone all the time. Charlie said tempo should make you tired when doing it, it just doesn’t stress your CNS. There’s nothing wrong with getting tired, it actually makes you feel younger. And you say that you feel old, so maybe there’s a correlation here? I’m just saying.

I understand the thought behind training minimally while improving, but at least challenge yourself during that minimum time. :o

I understand what you saying John, I mention earlier when my speed and weight intensity/volume is high; tempo is very hard for me vs when I am inseason maint. As a athlete I have always struggle with conditioning work even going back to peewee football. Also like I mention earlier that spec end work and 200m races does more for my conditioning then any tempo workout. BTW, I could probably do those tempo sessions but I’m sure something else would suffer.

I wonder if half the problem with tempo is that you find it Boring.
I do mine at a park, by a river. I go by time n not distance. Ie, 3min on where we run to a group of trees, do some exercises, run to another, more exercises etc. By the time 3min is up, we have done 1lap n about 5lots of exercises.
Rest 3min n repeat.
Sure is hard during, but the CNS is left alone. Heavy weights can still be done later on easy.
Sure legs get tight as u say, use a foam roller n mediball for therapy n tightness no longer is much of an issue.
Also look for Magnesium complex tabs to reduce tight muscles.

I now foamrolling as much as I train. I find the time. No excuses.
Legs r now better at 35 than when I was 20

You can always find an excuses Not to do something. Finding a a way so that you Can do it, requires guts n planning n the will.

My 3 current best clients are, 51, 59 n 64
They improve the quickest because they put the work in. They don’t look for excuses, they look for ways to recover faster so they can keep training, no matter what.

The female at 59 puts guys in their 20s to shame.

Double posting

2000 tempo 3x a week does not warrant extra therapy in my opinion; it’s the sprint training, and weight lifting that does because it can make you sore and tight, well, at least for me.