Chris6878's journal.

What you running?

dpends on the meet. either wil be the 55,60 or 200

Pretty good day. My legs felt thrashed. Energy was good. Tokka a while to warm up but I felt tight all over.
speed day- 2x30,40,50 all bs
30’s and 40’s were kinda bad compared to last workout. never dipped under 4.0 in the 30 and I ran 5.0 in the 40s. My 50 was decent. 5.90 and 6.0. I had planned on doing some 20e 30f but my legs were gone. It also started raining.
No weights

Tempo 6x150 legs felt beatup. I need some therapy
Weights bp 3x3x225
pulldown rows 3x8
Epsolm salt bath

Spec end day
4x30m bs didnt get down to 3.9 till the last rep. Hams and body is sore.
2x160 after the first one i called it. I couldnt aplly the pressure to the track without feeling pains.

WEight room- I felt alot better after my 2nd warmup set of hang cleans
hclean-2x3x185 and 195
squat 2x3x365
stiff deads-3x6x185

sauna and stretch
bp 2x3x225
pull down and row 3x8
pushups abs

6x150. Man these was some slow 150’s. one more fast workout then I can get some much needed therapy.

When will you start competing?

I had planned to start this past saturday but I had to go out of town. There is a meet in gainsville on this sunday but if I cant find anyone to role with me to split the costs I will not be going. So it looks like my first meet wil be in February.

RACE, can’t be that much to travel to UF…

I did a speed end day.
2x30 bs 2x60 bs 2x80 stand

It was a decent day. legs were a pretty beat up. I was able to get under 4 in the 30 and 6.90 in a 60. I feel like I can go much faster but I need some therapy. Legs are super tight. I got a massage the next day.

I didnt hit the weights because I was beat.

Well I just drove 4 hours up to see my grandparents. Just got back. Had to give my sister some cash. Gotta pay mortgage soon. Gville is a good 5 hours from me. Dont like putting all those miles on the car week after week.

Get hood with it, take greyhound…:slight_smile:

Shit that would add a extra 5 hours on the trip.

I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t drive 5hrs either.

tempo 6x150
bp-3,3,2,2,2 225,225,230,230,230
pull down row push ups and abs

spec end
3x30 bs
2x160. No times. I felt good. It was a lil cold so the hams were a lil sore after the 160s
med bal super man x5 over headx5

weight room
hclean=3,2,2,2 185
good morning 3x8x135

same as 1/25

1/28 off
1/29 therapy

How did the therapy session go today? The hammy and groin still isn’t 100% but I got some serious therapy on Wednesday so I’m hoping I can let one go tomorrow.

It was good. I got a guy who does some serious stretches. He stretches me out for like an hour. It is hard to explain but it haves me feeling great about 2 days after. check out his site
What did you do after your therapy. I like to do tempo the next day to get my legs back

60mins of therapy follow by 5x200 then speed on Thursday.

you should be good. how you feel

It’s gonna take several sessions to loosen up my pectineus muscle and the hamstring is weird. We will see how things go tommroow, I’m probably done with the indoor 200.

Speed day
2x30,40,50 bs

Felt good on the workout today. THe starts were pretty good. 3.9, 5.2 40- very slow time. 50-6.0 and 5.9. I found it on the 50s had a great start on the last 50

Med ball over head, squat and double hop throws x 6 easch

Weight room
pclean 3,2,2,2 all 225
warmed up with 5x135 and 5x185
I was supposed to do 3 on the second set but I barley got the 3rd rep on the first set

Gm 2x6x185
stiff dead 2x6x225

Tempo 4x100 4x150
Weight bp 3,3,2,2,2
pulldown and row

2/4 speed end
2x10 2x20 2x30 2x60 bs
1x90 stand

felt good on the starts nice and loose. ran a few 3.9s in the 30 and 6.9 in the 60. the 90 was terrible. I was kaput when I ran it.
No weights

2/6 tempo
same as 2/3